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Another year, another Costco Wine Advent Calendar on the books. These are a Costco fan favorite, and with 24 half bottles of wine for $99.99 it’s not a surprise people LOVE them so much! Whether you try a new bottle every day of December in countdown to Christmas, or just enjoy trying a wide variety of wine…these Wine Advent-ure Calendars at Costco fit the bill!

A Costco exclusive, this advent calendar contains 24 375 ml. bottles of wine. Each Wine “Advent-ure” contains red, white, rose and bubbly from all over the world including Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa and more. Each bottle is “hidden” behind it’s own number so you open a surprise bottle every day!

Or, if you’re like me, you can remove it and look at them all first 😉 LOL!

Either way, the new wine advent calendar at Costco is a super fun way to try all sorts of wine from all over the globe that I’d often not try! And you can have it delivered from Instacart!

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2021 Costco Wine Advent Calendar
2021 Costco Wine Advent Calendar

Costco Wine Advent Calendar Item Number and Price

Wine Advent Calendar 24 Imported Bottles (24) 375ML Bottles is Costco Item Number 1357643 and costs $99.99 in-store. That’s about $4.60 each.

2021 Costco Wine Advent Calendar
2021 Costco Wine Advent Calendar

2021 Advent Calendar Italian Wines

This year’s wine advent from Costco includes 4 Italian wines, 1 red, 2 white, and 1 rose.

Costco Wine Advent Calendar 2021
Italian Wines in the 2021 Wine Advent-ure Calendar

Spanish & Portuguese Wines

This year we got 6 bottles of wine from Spain and Portugal in the Costco Wine Advent Calendar. 3 whites and 3 reds. Cannot wait to try these!!

Wine Advent-ure Calendar at Costco for 2021
Wine Advent-ure Calendar at Costco for 2021

South African Wines

This year we got 2 wines from South Africa, 1 red and 1 white.

Advent Calendar for Adults - Wine!
South African Wines in the 2021 Costco Advent Calendar

French Wines

This year’s box had 6 French wines, including 2 white and 3 reds.

Costco 2021 Wine Advent Calendar Bottles
French Wine Assortment in the Costco Wine Advent Calendar for 2021

Hungarian & Bulgarian Wines

This year our advent calendar had a bottle of red wine from Bulgaria, and a bottle of white wine from Hungary.

Wine Advent-ure Calendar at Costco
Hungarian and Bulgarian Wines in the Costco 2021 Wine Advent Calendar


We had 1 bubbly in our wine advent for 2021. It’s also a French bottle.

Wine Advent Calendar 2021
French Brut in the Wine Advent 2021

Argentinian & Bulgarian Wine

Last but not least…we have 1 white from Bulgaria, 1 red from Argentina and 1 white from Argentina.

Wine Advent Calendar from Costco
Argentian and Bulgarian Wines

We cannot wait to try these, and we’ll post some reviews as soon as we start popping them open!

Did you buy a Costco wine advent calendar? Let us know your favorites!! And your least favorites in the comments below!

Costco Wine Advent Calendar
Costco Wine Advent Calendar 2021

PS, if you’re looking for a good deal on Costco booze…tis’ the season:

Manufacturer Info

The Costco Wine Advent-ure Calendar is created by Flying Blue Imports.

we work each day with one purpose in mind, to make quality European wines financially accessible to the American consumer.  We source wines from small farmers, and then produce, bottle and market them under our own labels.

Flying Blue Imports


Where can I buy a Costco Wine Advent Calendar?

Costco Wine Advent

Costco! The Wine Advent-ure Calendar is exclusively sold at Costco.

Does Costco sell Advent Calendars?

Yes! Costco sells multiple types of advent calendars, including LEGO, Lindt Chocolate, German Craft Beer and Wine Advent Calendars. Also dog advent calendars for your furry pals.

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