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Update: Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2022 Back In Stores Now

24 German Beers in the Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Every year Costco has the best boozy advent calendars! For 2022, the Costco Beer Advent Calendar is back once again and it’s a hit! This is a Costco Fan Favorite item. The Brewers Advent calendar features an exclusive selection of 24 imported German beers from small, independent craft breweries. If you liked last year’s selection in 2021 then you’re in luck, the 2022 lineup is largely the same, except for the $10 price tag increase.

The Brewer’s Beer Advent Calendar at Costco has a wide variety of German beers including hefeweizen, pilsner, lager, helles and more. They are bottled in 16.9 oz cans for this calendar.


Drink one advent beer each day from December 1 to December 24 to count down the days left till’ Christmas! Or just open it up and enjoy tasting all kinds of different craft beers from Germany. Buyers choice, lol!

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Pro Tip: Great gift idea for beer lovers or stock your fridge with a huge selection for your next party.

2022 Brewer's German Beer Advent Calendar at Costco from Original Kalea
2022 Brewer’s Advent Calendar at Costco is Back In Stock!
Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2022
Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2022

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2022 Costco Item Number & Price

Beer Advent Calendar 2022 Limited Edition Germany 24/16.9 OZ Cans is Costco Item Number 612833 and costs $69.99.

This represents a $10 increase from last year’s 2021 Beer Advent Calendar of $59.99.

ProTip: We don’t tend to see these go on sale, in fact, they often sell out…so if you want one, buy it sooner rather than later and don’t bother waiting for a sale on this item šŸ™‚

2022 Beer Advent Live Beer Tastings

Once again in 2022, Kalea will host live beer tastings on their YouTube Channel. The will go live at Pacific: 12 PM ā€“ Mountain: 1 PM ā€“ Central: 2 PM ā€“ Eastern: 3 PM on the following dates:

  • December 1st
  • December 8th
  • December 15th
  • December 22nd
Let the Christmas Countdown Begin With 24 Imported German Beers in the 2022 Costco Brewer’s Beer Advent Calendar – Great Holiday Gift Idea!

Original Post Follows

Costco Beer Advent Calendar Craft Beer Selection
Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2021 – 24 German & Austrian Beers

Costco Item Number & Price

Beer Advent Calendar 2021 Variety German 24-pack 16.9 oz cans is Costco Item Number 612033 and costs $59.99 in-store.

Costco offers a variety of advent calendars online at Costco.com

Daily Online Tastings with Each Independent Craft Brewery

Catch daily livestreams on YouTube where you can taste the beer of the day every day together with the respective brewmaster.

Costco Advent Calendar Day 1
Costco Advent Calendar Beer Day 2

See the rest of the beer tastings or catch live ones here.

Original Kalea Brewer’s Advent Calendar from Costco

The Beer Advent calendar at Costco hits stores each year in September. They sell out well before Thanksgiving…so if you want to score one, try to buy it in September.

Original Kalea Brewer's Advent Calendar from Costco
Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2021

Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2021 Beers

Costco Beer Advent Calendar 2021 Beers
24 German & Austrian Craft Brews in the Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Do you buy any of the Costco Advent Calendars? Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Your article mentioned a $10 uptick, but it jumped by $40 at our location in Omaha (29.99 in 2021 / 69.99 in 2022), I have a photo from last year showing the display with display tag. I was in sticker shock over the hike! Iā€™m curious now by what others found across the country for price last year.

    1. Wow!! That sure is a big jump! Any chance the tag said $29.97 instead of $29.99? Or it was definitely.99? (I have a whole post on the tagging if you’re interested but in short if it ends with a .97 it’s been marked down but they don’t make that clear by indicating it on the tag). Just a thought, otherwise that’s a really huge increase! I would be in stocker shock too!!

  2. I bought the Costco advent beer calendar this year and it is from microbreweries not well known Breweries and I thought they were just as good and Iā€™m German they are just as good as our micro breweries here in the states

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