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2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar – Now in Stores!

2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar

The 2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar is back in stores again for the Fall and Holiday season. This year we’ll see this popular seasonal Costco exclusive in 2 variations AND – new this year for 2023 – the wine advent calendar at Costco will also come in a smaller 12 bottle option! All three Costco Wine Advent Calendars features a mix of wine varietals including red, white, rose and bubbly from all over the globe including Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Chile and more. Each bottle is “hidden” behind it’s own number so you open a surprise wine bottle every day!

The Wine Advent Calendars at Costco are a Costco fan favorite, and with 24 375 ml bottles of wine for $99.99 it’s not a surprise people LOVE them so much! Whether you try a new bottle every day of December in countdown to Christmas, or just enjoy trying a wide variety of wine from around the world…these are a fun way to say cheers in the Fall season.


We’ll see new product names and package designs on this year’s Wine Advents but make no mistake…it’s the same Holiday multi-pack Costco Wine Advent Calendar you know and love! Packaging is still designed so that a surprise bottle can be opened and enjoyed while keeping the rest hidden – or of course you can just open it all up and look at the variety of wine bottles if you’re like me lol!

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Costco 2023 Wine Advent Calendar
2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar – Around the World in 24 Wines

2023 Wine Advent Calendar Lineup at Costco

For the 2023 Holiday season, there will be 2 Costco Wine Advent Calendars featuring 24 half bottles, they contain the same product but will have different names and package design. Plus a new smaller 12 half bottle version. These Wine Advent Calendars are all Costco exclusives. What’s in a name anyway…what is inside is the same Costco Wine Advent Calendar you know and love filled with a huge variety of half bottles of wine from all over the world!

2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar Take a Wine Adventure 24 Bottles
2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar Around the World in 24 Wines
2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar 12 Bottles

Varietals in Costco 2023 Wine Advent Calendar

All three 2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendars feature 375ML bottles – those are also commonly called “half bottles” of wine. You can visit the Around the World in 24 Wines website for more information on the bottles (and I’ve also linked each bottle below).

Bottles in the multi-pack Costco 2023 advent calendar 24 wine samplers include:

  1. Lightning Strikes Again Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile 
  2. Pastello Pinot Grigio from Italy
  3. Les Champs D’Or Merlot from France
  4. Let Good Be Red Blend (made with organic grapes) from Sicily
  5. Classic Cruise Sauvignon Blanc from Romania 
  6. Mendoza Nights Bonarda from Argentina
  7. Stacks and Stones Famoso from Italy 
  8. Who’s Who Pinotage from Western Cape, South Africa
  9. Trim Vine Merlot from Italy 
  10. Octopada Macabeo from Spain
  11. A Seaworthy Tale Blaufränkish from Hungary 
  12. Palloncini Rose from Italy
  13. Right Hook Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria
  14. Ceu Do Norte White Blend from Portugal
  15. Azzimato Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Doc from Italy
  16. Old World Players Chenin Blanc from Western Cape, South Africa
  17. Secrets Revealed Red Blend from Portugal
  18. Once Upon A Time Rose from France
  19. Latitude 40 Grenache from Spain
  20. Zille Semi Sweet Red Wine from Italy
  21. Brass Rabbit Pinot Blanc from Luxembourg
  22. Velvet Rider Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon Blend from Italy
  23. Argosy Pirates Red Blend from France
  24. Nightfall White Blend from Spain

Enjoy this curated collection of wines from around the world, featuring a diverse selection of Red, White, Pink and Sparkling options from renowned wine regions and more. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of wine, our collection offers something for everyone and is sure to delight your palate and satisfy your cravings.


2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar Price and Item Number

Around the World in 24 Wines Variety Pack, Imported, 24 x 375ML costs $99.99 in-store at Costco and is item number 1748589.

We’re still waiting on pricing and item number on the smaller wine sampler with 12 varietals.

2023 Costco Wine Advent Calendar - Now in Stores! - CostContessa

Price Note: This is at least the third year in a row that the Costco Wine Advent Calendar has cost $99.99 – three cheers for no price increases! It has previously been called the Wine Advent-ure Calendar and Wine Advent.

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  1. I casually mentioned to the friends who had invited me for Thanksgiving dinner that I was bringing an Advent calendar. They smilingly and politely thanked me in advance. When I showed up with the Costco wine calendar, they REALLY thanked me.

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