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Kirkland Signature Vodka at Costco – American

Costco Vodka American

The Kirkland Signature American Vodka at Costco is gluten free, made in the US and distilled six times. This is the cheapest bottle of Costco vodka you’ll find in the Liquor and Alcohol aisle and it’s a bargain!

American Vodka at Costco – Review

Each bottle is 1.75 L and considering it’s price tag, this is a fantastic bottle of vodka. We recommend using this is a mixer vodka rather than a sipping vodka…but it’s a super deal as far as bargain booze goes!


We used it recently to make a watermelon/vodka/lime cocktail for a going away party and it was a hit!

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We didn’t drink enough of it to gauge the hangover situation, but others at the party did and we didn’t hear from anyone it was terrible lol!! And the Kirkland vodka price is unbeatable!

We’re often asked if Kirkland Vodka is the same as ABC and is Kirkland Vodka made by Grey Goose or Tito’s? No one really knows. The American vodka at Costco is reputed to be most comparable to a Tito’s Vodka, but keep in mind the price difference and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Costco Vodka Price and Item Number

Kirkland Signature Premium Domestic Vodka USA – 1.75 L – costs $13.49 in-store and is Costco item number 639271.

Costco Vodka American

Get Kirkland Signature American Vodka from Costco Delivered

You can check your Costco Same Day Delivery [aka Instacart] to see if they’ll deliver the American Costco Vodka to you. Prices for delivery are marked up, and the delivery price for this vodka at Costco Same Day will be around $15 to order it delivered – still a super bargain priced vodka from Costco to save you money for your next party, bbq or event!

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