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Innovations Plastic Drinkware at Costco

plastic drinkware at costco

If you host any of the upcoming holidays at your home, you should check out this new Innovations Plastic Drinkware at Costco! The ultra-thin, ultra clear plastic flutes look great – just like the real deal – but they won’t break! We’re a big fan of this lightweight, affordable, and unbreakable faux glassware!

These are reusable, just wash and use them for your next holiday dinner, brunch, or backyard party! Versatile indoor-outdoor use. This flute shape also lends itself well to individual trifles or other creative individually portioned food or dessert items.


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What We Like About Innovations Plastic Flutes at Costco

The plastic on these is ultra thin and crystal clear! It’s as close to the look of glass as you can get in plastic, and especially at this price point. Super affordable.

We have them in multiple sizes of stemless wine glasses, they look really nice for plastic, definitely the classiest option in plastic wine glasses we’ve seen yet! These new Innovations flute glasses at Costco are champagne flutes. Great for holiday hosting, or for giving the kids some mocktails. While you might still have to clean up spills, you won’t have to clean up broken glass!

What We Don’t Like About Innovations Plastic Drinkware at Costco

The only downside to these really is that these really need to be hand washed. While I don’t love hand washing dishware…at least with drinkware there’s no scrubbing baked on gunk, it’s relatively quick as far as hand washing goes.

We also don’t like that these are often referred to as “disposable” because they are absolutely reusable! There is a popular brand of these called “Tossware” which just by the name implies they are disposable – which is really unfortunate because it’s bad for the environment, not to mention it’s not economical! Please reuse these!

Costco Price & Item Number

Innovations Plastic Flutes 20 Pack is Costco Item #1670831 and costs $12.99 in-store. That’s $0.65 each!

These aren’t available online, however there are many drinkware and glassware sets on Costco.com you can order for delivery including this clearance plastic drinkware set.

Innovations Plastic Drinkware at Costco is a Super Deal!

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