Costco Coupon Book December 2022 Holiday Event

Costco Coupon Book December 2022

We have an advance copy of the upcoming Costco Coupon Book December 2022 Holiday Event with deals starting on December 9th! This Costco Holiday Event Savings booklet will be valid from December 9 – December 24, 2022. There are some great deals on some of our favorites as well as a great selection of holiday gifts!

These deals are valid in-warehouse and online, and this quick sale is done on Christmas Eve in-stores and on Christmas Day online! See More Costco Coupon Books here!


Our Favorite Deals in the 2022 Costco Holiday Coupon Book

Food Deals

We’re excited Rao’s Marinara is on sale at Costco again! It’s our family tradition to have an italian dinner on Christmas eve…so it’s perfect timing! But regardless of your Christmas meal plans….Rao’s is THE BEST and we’re huge fans and we take a limit of 5 as a personal challenge! We’ll take 5! It would also pair well with those adorable Christmas Tree Shaped Ravioli, just saying!

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Starbucks French Roast is going on sale for $6 off! The Starbucks coffee at Costco is already a great price, but with $6 off it’s a steal!!

Catalina Crunch is going on sale for $2.50 off – this is another item that’s already a super price at Costco and when it’s on sale it’s a steal!

Finally, the Tipiak French Macarons will be going on sale for $4.30 off! That’s a super deal, and an easy add on for any holiday meal, or bring them along as a hostess gift to any holiday parties, meals or events you’re attending…they are pretty good macarons for the price, and they’re in a festive selection of holiday flavors!

Holiday Gift Deals

Giant Sticker pads will be on sale for $10.99 each…these are a great item to take along to family gatherings to keep kiddos occupied. They are extra large so a few kids can play with it at the same time, or you can tear out pages. See all our Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa toy finds here.

Two Apple iPads will be on sale – the smaller memory iPad is only $279 and it’s a great option for those who use limited functionality and don’t need a hundred apps. It’s a really affordable option for younger kids who just use a handful of educational apps/games or an aging parent who wants to text, check emails, and/or catch up on social media. There is an upgraded memory size on sale for $409. Both are generation 9…the current latest generation iPad available is 10 for reference…so these aren’t old devices!

I’m going to buy myself the Reduce Growler – drinking more water is my New Year’s Resolution and these stainless steel 64 oz bottles help me get more water in during the work day!

Household Deals to Stock Up On

Cascade Complete will be $4.70 off – definitely a great price and worth stocking up on an extra of these at this price!

Costco Coupon Book December 2022 Holiday Event

The Costco Coupon Book December 2022 Holiday Event is a supplemental deal flyer – the 4-page coupon booklet runs concurrent with the Costco Coupon Book December 2022 and the Online Costco Coupon Book December 2022 – so be sure to check both booklets to see all the sales, deals, and savings for the month of December 2022!

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Costco Coupon Book December 2022 Holiday Event Con’t

Costco Coupons December 9 - December 24, 2022: Rao's Marinara, bath towels, Cuisine Adventures Quiche, Starbucks French Roast, Cascade, Best Foods Hellmann's, Tramontina Wok, Reduce Growler, Karaoke Machine

What are your favorite deals in this Costco Coupon Flyer? Did you grab any other great Costco Finds lately? Please share with us in the comments, we’d love to hear about your new finds, good deals, clearance deals or product reviews!

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