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Candy Snap Grapes at Costco

candy snap grapes

Candy Snap Grapes at Costco are back in-stock right now! These red seedless grapes have a boost of sweetness that kids love! I’m not sure I think they taste like candy…but they are good and a nice twist on your classic grapes with some added sweetness and a hint of tropical fruits.

Freezing Candy Snap Grapes

We like to freeze candy snaps grapes. The grapes at Costco come in such a large quantity we often can’t eat them all, so I just pull them off the vine and put them into ziplocks and freeze them. Just make sure they are fully dry and they’ll mostly free individually and not as a clump so they’re easy to eat as “mini grape popsicles” as we call them. You can easily cut frozen grapes too, in case you have little ones who need grapes cut up for safety.


More Serving Ideas

  • eat them straight out of the clamshell for a quick healthy snack
  • toss into salads
  • add to a mixed fruit bowl
  • top yogurt with grapes and granola
  • place whole in bunches on cheese or charcuterie boards
  • skewer on a fruit kabob
  • dip in chocolate fondue
  • blend into smoothies
  • juice and add to your favorite beverages

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Costco Item Number & Price

Candy Snap Red Seedless Grapes 3lbs is Costco Item Number 1298989 and cost $8.99, or about $3/pound.

Sam’s Club Candy Grapes

If you can’t find the Candy Snaps, check out Sam’s Club’s candy grapes – they have Candy Heart Grapes, Cotton Candy Grapes, and Candy Dreams Grapes.

Candy Snaps Grapes – Costco

Have you had the Candy Snaps Grapes at Costco? What did you think? Do you recommend them? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!!

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candy snap grapes
Candy Snap Grapes at Costco


What kind of grapes are Candy Snaps Grapes?

Candy Snaps Grapes are red seedless grapes.

Do Candy Snaps Grapes have more sugar?

Yes, candy snap grapes are sweeter, and contain more sugar than a regular red seedless grape.

Are Candy Snaps Grapes Seedless?

Yes, candy snap grapes are red, seedless grapes.

Are Candy Snap Grapes the same as Cotton Candy Grapes?

No, Candy Snap Grapes and Cotton Candy Grapes are different – Cotton Candy grapes are green, and Candy Snaps are red. They have many similarities however, and if you like Cotton Candy Grapes, there’s a good chance you’ll also like Candy Snaps (and vice versa).

What season are Candy Snaps Grapes available?

Summer. Generally they are available in the early to mid summer.

What do Candy Snap Grapes taste like?

Candy Snaps Grapes contain high sugar and low acidity, yielding a fruity, sweet, and subtly tart taste with a tropical fruity flavor reminiscent of strawberries, melons, and pineapple.

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