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Boxed Costco Christmas Cards – 2022

Costco Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year…Thanksgiving has passed and it’s time to start addressing those holiday card envelopes! For the holiday season 2022, you’ll have two options when it comes to boxed Costco Christmas Cards. You can choose handmade boxed holiday cards, or select from 4 different themed boxed sets of classic Christmas cards. AND…the classic Christmas card sets are now on clearance! Looking for photo cards? Click here.

Do you send holiday greeting cards from Costco? If you’ve bought any Costco Christmas cards in the past and recommend (or don’t recommend) them please share with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your opinion/review!


Handmade Boxed Costco Christmas Cards

These handmade Christmas card sets at Costco are GORGEOUS! We buy the sister set to these – the greeting card variety pack (birthday, thank you, get well, etc.) and absolutely love them. And just like the handmade greeting cards, these Christmas handmade card sets from Costco are full of unique and very expensive looking cards, with fantastic embellishments and dimension, and at a very affordable price! These are a great alternative to the custom printed cards! We’re yet to find a better set of greetings cards for this price point offered at Costco.

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Handcrafted Holiday Cards 30 Count Boxed Set is Costco Item Number 2006186 and costs $19.99 or $0.67 each in-store.

ProTip: You can spot these on sale early in the holiday season for as much as $5.00 off or $14.99 per box.

ProTip: These require additional postage to mail them!

Costco Christmas Cards
Handmade Boxed Set of Costco Christmas Cards – 30 Pack

Traditional Boxed Sets of Holiday Cards in 4 Designs

You’ll also find boxed sets of traditional flat holiday cards at Costco this year available in four different design options. From classic seasons greetings or happy holidays designs with foil to playful designs to a blue foil set…lots of options here and these Merry Christmas cards come in 40 packs. These cards feature reindeer, snowmen, holly, Christmas cookies and more and spread [affordable] good cheer during our favorite time of the year.

Traditional Christmas Cards 40 Count Boxed Sets are Costco Item Number 1487642 and cost $14.99 or $0.37 each in-store.

ProTip: As of 12/12 these card sets are now marked down on clearance online for $14.97 including shipping and we found them in-store yesterday on clearance for $9.97! No need to present any coupons, coupon codes, etc at checkout…these deals will automatically register including the free shipping!


  • 4 Assorted Designs, 10 of Each Design
  • Online Designs Include: Whimsical, Scenic, Traditional or Faith
  • 40 envelopes, self-seal 
  • Cards include an inside message 
Boxed Costco Christmas Cards - 2022 - CostContessa
Costco Christmas Cards Boxed Sets, 40 Count, on Clearance online at Costco.com - See More Deals at Costcontessa.com
Classic Christmas Card Set of 40 - at Costco - on clearance now! See More Costco Clearance Deals at Costcontessa.com
Boxed Set of Christmas Cards at Costco - December 2022

Custom Printed Costco Christmas Cards

For Christmas 2022, we’re still seeing the custom printed family photo Christmas cards as one of the most popular choices for families during the holidays, and you can also create these at Costco! Using Costco’s online photo center and printing services, you can design your own holiday greeting cards with images, designs, messages and more including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, General Holiday and New Years Greetings and prices start at 50 custom 5×7 single sided photo greeting cards for $13.99. Super well priced photo Christmas cards at Costco!!

What kind of holiday cards are sending for this year in 2022?

Warm wishes to all this year for the holidays!

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Does Costco sell Christmas Cards?

Costco Christmas Cards

Yes, Costco sells multiple types of Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards. In store in the late Fall, you’ll find boxed sets of handmade and traditional flat cards. Online you can order custom printed photo cards as well as boxed sets.

How Long Does it Take to Get Custom Printed Christmas Cards from Costco?

On average, about 10 business days, so plan on ordering the custom Costco Christmas Photo Cards about 2 weeks early. They often arrive early, but you can’t bank on that.

Does Costco Print photo cards in-store?

Costco no longer prints photo cards in store. The in-store Costco photo centers closed a few years ago, you must order them online and you’ll receive them in the mail.

Did Costco stop selling photo greeting cards?

Costco still sells photo greeting cards! You can’t order them in-store anymore, you need to order them online, but you can still buy them from Costco for a great deal!

Does Costco have a photo center anymore?

Costco’s photo center is now online. While the in-store photo centers closed a few years back, all the service (and great prices) are still available online including canvas prints, photo cards, and more.

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  1. I hope they do, I have been checking weekly but still no luck. Come on CostCo I need them. I buy two boxes a year.

    1. These boxed Christmas cards haven’t come back yet, but there is a box in-store – they are handmade Christmas cards from Papyrus – they’re REALLY nice!

    1. I would expect they will – I haven’t seen them yet, but they’ve had them for so many years now that I cannot imagine them discontinuing them. That said, I don’t know 100% – but I’ll let you know if I spot them!

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