Boss Antimicrobial Work Gloves at Costco – Men’s

Boss Mens Work Gloves at Costco

Boss Antimicrobial Mens Work Gloves at Costco are available in-store each Spring, and they’re now back in stock for Spring/Summer 2023. These breathable coated work gloves have COOLMAX technology and they are in-store at Costco each Spring from February until at least until the home and garden products start to go away. Boss mens work gloves are great protective gloves for a variety of of home improvement and gardening projects.

I buy a pack of these Boss work gloves from Costco in the women’s glove version each Spring when they are back in-store. One pack of them lasts me the whole year (sometimes two years!). I wear these work gloves many times before I need a new pair – these are not disposable and you can reuse them many times depending what you’re using them for. I use them for all my home improvement projects like gardening, DIY projects, sanding, wood staining, cleaning, etc.


These protective work gloves at Costco have great grip and stretch and we love how breathable and comfortable they are. Note: they aren’t waterproof on the backside where they are breathable – so these are not intended for submerging your hands fully.

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Boss Mens Work Gloves at Costco

Boss Work Gloves at Costco Product Features:

  • Antimicrobial treatment helps reduce the presence of microbes, such as bacteria and mold.
  • Odor resistant technology neutralizes bacteria before it interacts with sweat, reducing the amount of odor causing bacteria that comes from your hands.
  • Cool Max core technology was specifically designed to transport moisture away from the hands to keep the wear cool and dry while you’re working, helping to optimize your performance
  • Enhanced grip coating provides gripping power while offering great dexterity, softness, and strength with comfortable fit
  • 10 pairs per pack (20 gloves)

Costco Price & Item Number

Men’s Antimicrobial Coolmax Work Gloves, 10 ct, Black is Costco Item Number 2322020 and cost $9.99 in-store at Costco.

These are also available in a women’s version.

These are not sold online at, however you can find a variety of Boss work gloves online at Amazon.

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