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40-Piece Bluey Set at Costco

Bluey Set at Costco

The Bluey Ultimate Mega Play House Set at Costco is going to be a hit gift for toddlers and little kids this year for Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa! Each 40-piece Ultimate Mega Bluey set at Costco includes 14 characters, one vehicle, 28 accessories and a four room two-story house. 

The fully furnished pool time fun backyard barbecue and playground themed playset features a pool, slide, wagon, furniture for the house, and more. The 14 character set includes movable arms and legs and comes with Bluey and the extended Heeler family and friends.


Ultimate Mega Bluey Set at Costco Includes:

  • Bluey’s House Playset
  • Bluey’s Pool Playset
  • Vehicle Playset with 2 Surfboard Accessories
  • 14 Figures of Bluey’s Family and Friends
  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Instruction Manual

New Bluey Set at Costco Price and Item Number

The Bluey Ultimate Mega Play Set, 40 Pieces, is Costco Item Number 1601390 and costs $54.99 in-store.

You can also order the Bluey Play Set from Costco online for an additional $5 (to cover shipping).

Availability Note: The Bluey Play set at Costco is a seasonal item for holiday 2023. We typically see the Costco holiday toys come in-store around Labor Day, and they tend to be available through Christmas. A portion of the toy selection is refreshed and added to around Thanksgiving. If you know your child will want the Bluey set for a holiday gift we suggest purchasing the Ultimate Mega Play House set early rather than later. It’s a very deal!

Bluey Set at Costco
New at Costco! Ultimate Mega Bluey Set at Costco – Available In-Store and Online!

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    1. The best way to see if it’s near you is to ask in your store – there is usually a desk that’s at the end of all the check out lines – where you’d pick up gift cards/expensive bottles – They may just be able to look it up by Bluey, but if not give them the item number (it’s in the post) and ask them if another Costco warehouse nearby has it. You can also try using the chat on the customer service page of Costco’s website…sometimes they can also tell you where else it might be in stock. I find the stores to be more exact – as well they can tell you if it is on order (and sometimes even the estimated date it will arrive). Hope you can find it!!

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