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Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack

Online you can find a Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack at Costco! These high quality Costco fan favorite beach chairs also come with a padded headrest, cup holder, zippered compartment to hold things like sunblock or bottled waters, and they are adjustable to five positions including lay flat. 

You can also find Tommy Bahama beach chairs, Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrellas, Kids’ Size Tommy Bahama Chairs [and on rare occasion the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart] in-store at Costco. In-sore, the Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs are sold individually. They are seasonal in most of the US, though you can find them year round in my store in Southern California.


Our Review

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack from Costco

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Tommy Bahama beach chairs are fantastic, we own several of them and I highly recommend spending a little bit more to get the quality of these chairs. Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs last for years and years, and will save you money in the long run. 

Honestly, they barely cost more than the cheap beach chairs that you can find at your local drugstore when you order them from Costco.com in a two pack!

We always joke that we can spot Costco members at the beach via their Tommy Bahama chairs and beach umbrellas…and tell you which year they bought them from the pattern lol!!! My memory isn’t actually that good…but if it was then I could 😉

The Tommy Bahama chairs 2-pack online at Costco come in all kinds of fun patterns and colors, and they tend to change each year, but all coordinate so you can mix and match chairs or add to chairs later and they’ll still look fine together.

Price Comparison

Of course Tommy Bahama beach gear isn’t only sold at Costco, but it’s really a SUPER deal at Costco! Compare to these Tommy Bahama beach chair and umbrella options from Amazon. At Costco’s full price, it’s still significantly cheaper, and if you can grab them on sale, then it’s about half the price to buy these beach favorites from Costco versus Amazon!

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack from Costco.com are available in three color options

  •  blue marlin
  •  orange stripes
  •  green leaves

 Product Features

  •  adjustable to five chair positions including lay flat
  •  sturdy aluminum frame
  •  safety locking hinges
  •  cup holder
  •  cell phone holder
  •  zippered insulated pouch
  •  backpack carry straps 

Costco price and item number

Tommy Bahama Beach chair, 2-pack, costs $89.99 and is item number 2622204.  That shakes out to $45 each.

ProTip:  you can grab these two packs of Tommy Bahama beach chairs from costco.com on sale for up to $20 off or $69.99 – Which shakes out to $35 each. 

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack
Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 2-Pack Sold Online at Costco

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