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New Fleece Lole Belt Bag at Costco!

lole fleece belt bag at costco

Hot new item at Costco! Same Lole belt bag you know and love, now in a soft furry fleece for winter! Right now Costco’s has a fleece Lole Belt Bag and it’s only online, but we saw Lole Bags hit warehouses nationwide last time around, so we’d expect to see this in store soon – especially since it makes such a great holiday gift! Don’t miss the money saving tip below – we’ll show you how to grab the Lole Fleece Belt Bag for $12 each!

We’re super happy to see the fleece Lole belt bags in TWO color options this time (the OG Costco Lole belt bag was only in black) – this time there is black or cream! Cream is our jam – so we’ve already placed our order for a cream bag! Stay tuned we’ll be back in a few days with the complete review! I’m ordering the cream and I’m most concerned about washability. The directions say to spot treat it, but I don’t think that’ll clean stains off cream fleece. So I’ll be tossing mine in the wash to test it out…fingers crossed.


If you happened to spot it before us and grabbed one, PLEASE let us know what you think!! We want to hear your review too (even if it’s different than ours)!

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Lole Vs Lululemon Comparison

The Lole Belt Bag at Costco is often dubbed a Lululemon Anywhere Bag dupe. Both are now available for the winter in a fleece version, and while the Lole costs $17 at Costco the Lululemon Fleece Anywhere bag costs $58!

To give credit where credit is due…the Lululemon bags come in more colors…which isn’t unimportant when it comes to an accessory. The Lululemon fleece anywhere bag comes in black and cream too, as well as light pink and brown. When it comes to the non-fleece version Lululemon anywhere bag has a zillion color options whereas Costco only had the black Lole bag.

Both the Lole Fleece Belt bag at Costco and the Lululemon Fleece Anywhere bag are both fleece on one side – the backside (which faces your body) isn’t fleece. Lole does offer a higher end Lole Jaime Teddy Edition Belt Bag which is fleece on both sides, however – if the added coziness is factor for you! This is sold directly by Lole (not via Costco).

Fingers crossed we’ll see the OG Lole bag back at Costco in the spring in some more colors!

Disclosure: I own the Lululemon anywhere bag (black bags aren’t my jam, so the color choices won out for me on Lole vs Lulu), not a Lole bag. But I did just order this fleece version…so soon I will!

Fleece Lole Belt Bag Price and Item Number

Lole Fleece Belt Bag is Costco Item number 1746101 [black] and 1746102 [cream] and costs $16.99 online at Costco, inclusive of shipping.

Money Saving Tip: The Lole Fleece Belt Bags are eligible for the Costco clothing coupon so you can save as much as $5 off per bag! If you’ve got a handful of people on your holiday list who’d love one of these…it’s worth considering buying more save more deal where when you buy 10 items you save $50! That’s like paying $12 each for the Lole Belt Bag!

If you missed the Lole Fleece Belt Bag at Costco, you can find lots of dupes on Amazon just read reviews carefully over there – it’s a bit of the wild west!

lole fleece belt bag at costco
Lole Fleece Belt Bags at Costco

Costco’s Lole Belt Bags Features

  • Fleece Fabric
  • Two-way Zipper
  • Adjustable Strap from 20″ to 40″
  • Spot Clean
  • Wear on Waist or Cross Body
  • Mesh Interior Compartments
  • Bag Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5″ x 2″

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  1. Yu should note that the Costco Lole fleece bag is fleece only on ONE SIDE, not both sides. The pictures on the Costco website shows this, and their description also describes this. The Lole fleece bag sold on other websites for more money are fleece on both sides.

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