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TerraNova Eco Sponges at Costco – Limited Time!

sponges at costco

We just found TerraNova non-scratch eco friendly sponges at Costco! And, they’re a super price (cheaper than the non-eco popular brand sitting right next to them on the shelf!)! Each box of TerraNova sponges at Costco helps to reduce your carbon footprint because not only are they made with natural fibers and recycled materials, but also because they’re plant based and produced in a solar powered facility!

Why We Like TerraNova Eco Sponges

We think that whenever we can choose an eco friendly cleaning product and do good for the planet and good for our wallet, it’s a win-win. Less plastic, less expense, and greener manufacturing are a trifecta! We’re loving them!

Costco now carries TerraNova Eco Friendly Sponges

Product Features of TerraNova Eco Sponges at Costco

  • Made with Natural Fibers & Recycled Materials
  • Produced Using Solar Energy
  • Non-Scratch

Costco Item Number & Price

TerraNova Eco Sponge 19 CT is Costco Item Number 1652502 and cost $11.99 or about $0.67 each. These are only found in-store at this time, and not on costco.com.

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Pro Tip: The price tag is starred, so grab these while you can, they won’t be restocked. (Read this post if you don’t know what starred tags mean).

sponges at costco
Terra Nova Sponges at Costco – Eco Friendly, Non-Scratch & Plant Based

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sponges at costco
TerraNova Eco Sponges at Costco
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