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Home and Body Soap Culture Hand Soaps at Costco

Home Body Hand Soaps at Costco - Soap Culture Bottle Set

New Costco Find! This week we bought this 4-pack of Home and Body Soap Culture bottled hand soaps at Costco. Every few months we see a new set of hand soap bottle designs available at Costco, and they are always gorgeous! Home and Body soaps are cruelty free, moisturizing hand soap enriched with coconut oil.

Why I Like Soap Culture Hand Soaps at Costco

I bought this pack of soaps (have purchased other bottle designs in the past) and these bottles are refillable – which I highly recommend as it both saves money and is good for the environment! 


The bottles are made of plastic with a fake would top, they look very industrial modern or modern farmhouse, I love the way that they look. The fake wood is a little cheesy up close, but the overall look is great and at this price point a real wood top would be out of the question.

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Each package of the Soap Culture Hand Soap from Costco Comes in 4 Scents:

  • Sweet + Orange
  • English + Pear
  • Coconut + Vanilla
  • Lavender + Thyme

Product Features

  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Recyclable Bottle

Where to Find In-Store

You can find these in the health and wellness aisles, near shower gels and bath bombs.

Costco Price & Item Number

Home & Body Soap Culture 4-Pack 21.5 oz is Costco item number 1661725 and costs $11.99 in-store. That shakes out to $3 per bottle.

This particular bottle style isn’t available online at Costco.com, but there is a similar one called Soap and Sense, as well as refill soap.

Home Body Hand Soaps at Costco - Soap Culture Modern Farmhouse Style Designer Bottle Set
Home Body Hand Soaps at Costco – Soap Culture Bottle Set

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  1. I wanted these soaps so much, but could not find in my area in Toronto. Is there a specific location at Costco in Toronto to purchase these?

    1. The inventory in Canada can really differ from the US. There are two Costco blogs (same idea as mine – report/feature/review – that are Canadian based – depending on where you are they are www.costcowest.ca and www.costcoeast.ca – there may be others, but hopefully those two (and their social media) can help show you more products that are available where you live!

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