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We think these Naturally Vain Bath Bombs at Costco are super cute and could make a fun Valentine’s Gift! See below for our “You are the Bomb” ideas for Valentine’s Day Cards – each bath bomb is individually wrapped so you can just split up the set and print or write up some Valentine’s cards and boom, classroom kids’ valentine’s day cards done!

Naturally Vain Bath Bombs at Costco

Each bath bomb set Includes one of each scent:

Enchanted Forest: It’s like strolling through the forest with aromas of lilies, lilac, gardenia, sweet pea, and jasmine.

Bath PodThis bath bomb will leave your bathroom smelling like a fresh airy room.

Birthday CakeThis birthday bath bomb has sprinkles and all, and smells just like real birthday cake.

Strawberry Jam: The smell of sweet strawberry and lemon will make your mouth water.

Peaceful Zen: Classic lavender! Lay back in the tub and relax with the aroma of Lavender fill the room.

Milky Way: With blue and purple swirls creating galaxies in your tub, the fresh scent of green apple will take you out of this world!


Angry Rose: Don’t let her fool you with her dark vibe. She’s sweet inside and will fill your tub with the most gorgeous rose water. Her scent will fill your room with the essence of 1000 roses. A truly exotic bath experience!

Spring Breaker: Eat, beach, sleep, repeat. A lazy day at the beach with the beautiful smell of fresh sea air.

Fruit Loop: Turn your tub into a bowl of fruity loops that’ll make Tucan Sam himself jealous. Fruity Loop is coloured and scented like fruit loops. Kids love it, but we’ll let you in on a secret- so do adults! It’s fun, it’s cool, and it may be your new favourite bomb.

Looking for Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Bath Bomb Valentine’s Card Ideas






bath bombs at costco

How to Enjoy Your Bathbombs from Costco

Just place 1 bath bomb in the tub and enjoy a bath as it diffuses its scent and fun colours! 

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Bath Bombs at Costco Item Number & Price

Naturally Vain 9 Bath Bombs Assorted Scents are Costco Item number 1422300 and cost $15.49 in-store. That shakes out to $1.72 each.

The Naturally Vain brand bath bombs at Costco are only available in-store, but you can find Vitabath Foaming Bath Salt and Bath Bomb Assortment – Costco item number 159684 – on for $39.99.

Or try these bath bombs available to order now from Amazon!

What is a Bath Bomb Anyway?

Think alka seltzer and a bar of soap have a baby. LOL!

A bath bomb is a mixture of essential oil, moisturizer, soap, scent, and/or colorant which is compacted and moulded into any of several shapes and then dried. It looks similar to a small bar of soap, and most often they are a round, spherical shape…though they could be any shape. When place into Bath water, it effervesces at the surface of the bath bomb and as it releases it’s ingredients into the bath water.

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