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Cal-Organic Rainbow Carrots 5 lbs

Rainbow Carrots at Costco

We love finding the Cal Organic Rainbow Carrots at Costco! They come and go and aren’t always available, but they are in-store at least a few times each year so keep your eye out for them. The rainbow carrots come whole, unpeeled in 5 lb bags.

Why I Like Rainbow Carrots at Costco

Rainbow carrots taste like regular carrots, it’s the colors that are really fun – and when you cut the purple carrot open it’s bright yellow inside – it’s really neat!


I find that making my kids’ lunch boxes more colorful and visually interesting gets kids more, well, interested…and these are a nice swap for the regular baby carrots!

I would love to see rainbow baby carrots sometime, but to date I’ve only ever seen whole, unpeeled carrots…sometimes it’s nice not to peel them, you know! Whole Foods and Trader Joes do have rainbow baby carrots too though 🙂

Cal-Organic Rainbow Carrots at Costco
Sliced Purple Carrot with Yellow Inside

Costco Item Number & Price

Cal-Organic Rainbow Carrots 5lb Bag is Costco Item Number 1121095 and costs $5.99. That shakes out to $1.20/lb.

Where to Find Them In-Store

You can find bagged rainbow carrots in Costco in the refrigerated produce room.

Why are Rainbow Carrots Multi-Colored?

Rainbow carrots are multi-colored because of their genetics, they are not artificially colored. Some carrots varieties produce colorful pigments, such as red, yellow, orange, and purple. These pigments are reputed to be powerful antioxidants (see below for a breakdown). Eat the rainbow, so they say! 🙂

Rainbow Carrots at Costco
Cal-Organic Rainbow Carrots at Costco – 5lb Bags
  • Orange: Beta and alpha carotene pigment. This promotes vitamin A production by the body, which is essential for healthy eyes.
  • Red: Lycopene and beta-carotene pigment. Lycopene is the same red pigment that gives tomatoes their deep color and is linked to a lower risk of certain cancers, such as prostate cancer.
  • Purple: Anthocyanin, beta and alpha carotene pigment. Purple carrots typically have an orange core, and their pigment-related nutrients may provide additional vitamin A and prevent heart disease.
  • Yellow: Xanthophykks and lutein. Both are linked to cancer prevention and better eye health.
  • White: The nutrients don’t come from the pigment but from the fiber, which promotes healthy digestion.

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