Colossal Organic Garlic at Costco

Organic Garlic at Costco

You can buy 2 pound bags of Organic Garlic at Costco in the produce department. I purchase this item regularly (yes, I use a lot of Garlic #italianmom) – and it is great! I highly recommend it! If you use a lot of garlic like me in your cooking, it’s very convenient and delicious!

This organic Christopher Ranch garlic is grown locally to me (in California) and not available nationwide. You will however find 2 lb bags of Colossal garlic (conventionally grown) in most Costco warehouses nationwide. It will cost a few dollars less when it’s not organic.


Why We Love Organic Garlic at Costco

This isn’t elephant kind of giant heads of garlic – they are normal sized just on the larger size for organic garlic. Often organic garlic heads trend to be small, and it’s just that much more of a pain to peel it. So I do appreciate the slightly larger head of garlic in these bags from Costco.

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These last several weeks, and if my garlic does sprout a green sprout…I just plant it in our garden and grow garlic! This is also a good item to split with a friend – I think a pound of garlic would be plenty for most people for awhile.

I also peel it and freeze it. While garlic does suffer texture loss when frozen, I still find it works great for tossing into a pot roast, brisket, or homemade stock. Plus it’s super convenient for those weeknight slow cooker meals!

Where to Find Fresh Garlic In-Store at Costco

Sold in 2 lb bags, find the fresh organic garlic in-store at Costco near the potatoes and onions!

Organic Garlic at Costco
Christopher Ranch Organic Garlic from Costco – Grown in California

Costco Item Number & Price

Organic Colossal Garlic, 2 lbs bags, is Costco Item 4213 and costs $8.99 or about $4.50 per pound.

How to Order Bags of Fresh Organic Garlic from Costco

Purchase Organic Colossal Garlic on Same Day Costco [aka Instacart] for about $10.52 / ea ($5.26/lb)

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About Christopher Ranch

The 2lb bags of organic garlic at Costco are grown by Christopher Ranch, a California based organic garlic farm.

Recipe Idea: Garlic Butter

We love making garlic butter! Costco sells two options of grass-fed butter too – both the Kerrygold and it’s own Kirkland Signature New Zealand Grass-Fed Butter!

Recipe for Garlic Butter Using Fresh Garlic from Costco

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  1. Isn’t Christpher Ranch garlic from China? And though the Costco garlic isn’t peeled, doesn’t Christpher Ranch use Chinese prison labor to peel garlic they sell elsewhere? To recommend a product from such a company is wrong.

    1. Their website states they provide 100% US Grown Garlic. I’m a food blogger, not an investigative reporter…but if you know of some cover up and can share credible sources for this information, I’m all ears. I’ve never heard anything about that, but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

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