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Does Costco Sell Pokemon Cards? March 2023 Update

Does Costco Sell Pokemon Cards

If you’re looking to save money on your upcoming Pokemon card purchase…you might be wondering does Costco sell Pokemon Cards? And the short answer is YES, Costco does sell Pokemon Cards…but read on for the what the when. In addition to the pokemon card sets, Costco seasonally also has a ton of Pokemon holiday gifts for kids (like plushies, Pokemon funko pop, and Pokemon mega construx building kits) around the holidays…and on a year-round basis…yes, you can buy Pokemon cards at Costco!

Costco’s inventory – not just Pokemon cards – but all the things at Costco – change ALL THE TIME! Generally speaking, you’ll find at least 1 or more sets of Pokemon trading cards at Costco.com (ie, online at Costco – so in other words….NOT in-store year-round). At this time [March 2023], Costco sells 3 Pokemon card sets. See below for details of each Costco Pokemon card set, pricing, etc and links to the card sets you can get right now at Costco.


ProTip: Be careful buying Pokemon Cards online – there are loads of fake cards out there – for older kids who are really collecting cards and interested in card values make sure you buy from a good retailer and skip those cheap mixed sets of Pokemon cards! Think Costco, Game Stop, Sam’s Club etc. That said, if your kiddo is really young and really won’t know the difference or take care of their cards or care about their monetary value, the cheap Amazon Pokemon cards might be a good cheap option for you, lol.

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Pokemon Card Storage

Costco does not sell books for card storage – I wish they did! I prefer the binders that have 3×3 card slot pages, but it’s up to you the 2×2 card organizers are a little more compact and good for small collections, younger kids, or to separate out cards for pokemon trading. Here are Pokemon binder organizers we recommend to help kid sort, organize and store their Pokemon cards.

Current Costco Pokemon Card Sets – March 2023

Currently, the Pokemon card sets at Costco are 3 variations of Mini Tins. In previous years, we’ve also seen VMAX card sets (which I’ve bought). Keep your eye out online at Costco, as we do see the exact inventory change throughout the year.

Does Costco Sell Pokemon Cards
Does Costco Sell Pokemon Cards? Yes!
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Pokémon Cards 5 Pack Mini Tins, Sinnoh Stars plus 4 Promo Cards

  • 5 Mini Tins in Set
  • 10 Pokemon Booster Packs Total
  • 4 Pokemon Promo Cards
  • Exact Pokemon Cards Vary by Booster Pack

Pokémon Cards 5 Pack Mini Tins, Galar Pals plus 4 Promo Cards

  • 5 Mini Tins in Set
  • 10 Booster Packs Total
  • 4 Pokemon Promo Cards
  • Included Pokemon Cards Vary by Booster Pack

Pokémon Cards 5 Pack Mini Tins, Galar Pals plus 4 Promo Cards

  • 5 Mini Tins in Set
  • 10 Booster Packs Total
  • 4 Pokemon Promo Cards
  • Pokemon Cards Will Vary by Booster Pack

See below for a closer look at these 5 mini tin card sets in my Instagram post from last year.

How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Costco?

The current Pokemon cards sets sold at Costco – the 5 Mini Tin Sets – cost $39.99 online with shipping. We spotted them in-store late last year for $29.99. See below.

See Costco Pokemon Cards 5 Mini Tin Sets

We saw these Pokemon card sets available in Costco stores last year starting in November of 2022:

Finding Pokemon Cards at Costco In-Store

If you’re looking for Pokemon card sets in-store at Costco, you’ll have to wait for the holidays (which luckily (or not)) starts in August at Costco. In 2022 we saw the first Pokemon gifts hit Costco warehouses in August and more came every month through November…so be sure to pop into your local warehouse in late summer/early fall timeframe to check out the in-store Pokemon toys and Pokemon cards at Costco. You will save more buying them in-store, as the online sets include an additional fee to include the shipping and handling. In Fall 2022, the mini tin Pokemon cards at Costco in-store were $29.99 versus the $39.99 they cost online.

Costco Pokemon Games and Gifts

Online at Costco, you can find these Pokemon games and gifts right now:

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet Double Pack [Nintendo]

  • $109.99
  • The Newest Pokemon Games
  • Double-pack with Two Games
  • For Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED
  • Link with Pokemon HOME

Pokemon: Classic Adventure Collection [Book Set]

  • $23.99
  • Recommended Age: 7-10
  • Each Book Contains Two Stories
  • Includes Exclusive Bookmark

ProTip: This has 8 books in the set, which shakes out to $3 per book. You can break up the set and give these as a party favor for a Pokemon themed party!

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Have you purchased Pokemon cards from Costco? We’d love to hear what your favorite Pikachu or Charizard collectors thought of their Pokemon gift packs! Drop us a note in the comments!

Does Costco sell Pokemon cards?

Yes, you can buy Pokemon cards at Costco. Seasonally you’ll find multiple Pokemon card sets in-store at Costco, and on a year round-basis you can find them online.

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