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Organic Fresh Ginger at Costco

organic fresh ginger root from costco

Organic Fresh Ginger at Costco comes in a 1.75 lb box. Each package has multiple large pieces of fresh ginger root in it. We purchase this and it’s delicious. Nice and fresh and spicy.

It lasts a long time, and I freeze some of it (texture isn’t 100% after being frozen but for flavor it’s totally good and that’s usually what I need it for when cooking).


I also dice mine up with diced turmeric and garlic, add some lemon juice and a bit of raw honey and eat a spoonful every day. It’s not for everyone, lol…but if interested it looks like this:

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fresh ginger at costco
Fresh Ginger at Costco diced with garlic and turmeric.

It’s reputed to be immune boosting. I’m not a natural health expert though, so I’ll stay far away from giving advice on that front – but if you google it you’ll find lots of recipes and articles about the health properties of ginger, garlic and turmeric.

Fresh Organic Ginger Costco Item Number and Price

Fresh Organic Ginger, 1.75lbs is Costco ItemĀ 532683 and costs $7.99 in-store in Southern California.

The price of the fresh ginger at Costco varies a lot depending on where you live. It’s considerably more expensive on the West Coast than East Coast, but generally will range from $6-$8 for the box.

You can also order this organic fresh Ginger from Costco Same Day delivery service via Instacart. Although the listing on Same Day Costco states 2 lbs, the box in my store is definitely 1.75 (if that matters to you). It’ll run you between $7.50 and $9.50 with delivery (everything is marked up on Same Day Costco).

About the Grower

The ginger root from Costco is grown in Peru or the United States by Oppy

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