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Costco Recall on Frozen Strawberries

Costco Recalls Frozen Strawberries

Just announced: there is a new Costco recall on frozen strawberries. 14 lots of the frozen organic Kirkland Signature strawberries sold at Costco have been recalled in connection with a Hepatitis A outbreak. The affected product was sold under the Kirkland signature brand and manufactured by either California Splendor or Scenic Fruit company. Please note this recall is for select lots of Kirkland Signature Organic FROZEN strawberries, not fresh strawberries.

Costco Recall on Kirkland Signature Frozen Strawberries
Costco Recalls Organic Frozen Strawberries

At this time, Hepatitis A has not been detected in the recalled product, and the Company states that the recall is in an abundance of caution and that consumers should stop consuming the Kirkland Signature Strawberries and return the unused portion to their local Costco for a full refund.


Top Facts on Costco Strawberries Recall:

  • In connection with a Hepatitis A outbreak, which can be a serious illness
  • NO Hepatitis A has been detected in this product to date
  • Recall is in an abundance of caution at this time
  • Return for a full refund
  • See lot numbers that are affected below
  • See contact info below for any questions

Costco Item Number for Recalled Product

The affected and recalled item is the Kirkland signature, organic strawberries, frozen, 4 pound bag and they are Costco Item #904984. Product recall notifications were sent to members who purchased the items.

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Kirkland Signature Frozen Strawberries Recall Lot Information

In our experience, notifications are sent to the PRIMARY member, not the member who purchased the item. If you purchased this item and you’re unsure of whether you have affected product from the recall, see below for the affected lots, letters from the grower/manufacturer, contact information or you can always check the Costco recall page.

California Splendor Recalled Lots

The 13 recalled lots of Kirkland Signature Frozen Organic Strawberries from California Splendor were purchased between July 16, 2022 and March 15, 2023. Affected lots are as follows:

Lot Code

Use By Date


























Kirkland Signature Frozen Strawberry Recall – Manufactured by California Splendor

Recall Questions about Frozen Strawberry Recall from California Splendor:

For questions regarding Kirkland signature, frozen strawberries, manufactured by California splendor, please email your first and last name, contact number and question to ConsumerInformation@calsplendor.com or call 866-625-5322 8am – 5pm Pacific.

See California Splendor Strawberry Costco Recall Letter

Download the California Splendor Recall Letter here:

Scenic Fruit Company Recalled Lot

One recalled lot of Kirkland Signature Strawberries from Scenic Fruit Company was purchased between October 15, 2022 and December 5, 2022. Affected Lot as follows:

Lot CodeUse By Date
Kirkland Signature Frozen Strawberry Recall – Manufactured by Scenic Fruit Company

Recall Questions for Scenic Fruit Company

For questions regarding the Kirkland Signature frozen strawberry recall that were manufactured by scenic fruit company, please email your name, phone number and question to customer.service@scenicfruit.com or call 888-943-4212 8am – 8pm Eastern.

See Scenic Fruit Company Costco Recall Letter

Download the Scenic Fruit Company Recall Letter Here:

Costco Recalls Frozen Strawberries from Kirkland Signature
Costco Recalls Frozen Organic Strawberries from Kirkland Signature

We’re encouraged by the fact that there are no known cases, but Hepatitis A can be a serious illness, and we strongly encourage you to dispose of the product or return it for refund. We understand that similar recalls for frozen fruit have been issued for product sold at Aldi, Trader Joes and several other retailers. At this time, the Costco recall is limited to strawberries only.

More Resources on Hepatitis A from the Center for Disease Control

You can find more information on Hepatitis A on the CDC Educational Resources page.

More Information & Costco Recall Site

As always, please refer to the latest information available on the Costco.com website and from the growers/manufacturers. We report information to the best of our knowledge, but recall situations are fluid, and can and do change. We’re not responsible for errors or omissions, and cannot answer questions regarding the Kirkland Signature Organic Strawberry recall from Costco.

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    1. If you purchased the product between the dates noted, then I’d suggest you just return it. In all likelihood, the product is probably safe – but just not worth the risk. Since Costco has a fantastic refund policy, they’ll take it back regardless of the date (or lack thereof) and it’s just safer to swap it for a new bag and know you’ve got safe product.
      Thanks for visiting CostContessa!!!

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