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$5 And Under Costco Women’s Clothing Deals

Costco Women's Clothing Deals

There is an amazing clearance right now on Costco women’s clothing deals online AND you can stack the Costco online clothing coupon on top of the clearance markdown price and snag these picks for $5 each or less! You read that right…five bucks or less for these clothing steals! I omitted the styles with extremely limited sizing left (so yes, that means there’s even more fashion deals on Costco women’s clothes than what I’m showing here!).

You can get the amazing online prices down by $5 PER ITEM when you buy 10 items using the coupon. It might sound like a lot…but 10 items at $5 each is $50…10 new items for a full wardrobe refresh for around $50? That’s a steal! First the fun part (the fun finds!) and see the bottom of the post on details on the coupon and how to use it!


My Costco Women’s Clothing Deals Picks This Week:

$5 Loungewear Set

This comfy Felina loungewear set at Costco.com is available in both grey and blue and is in stock on all sizes! I expect not for long at this price! It’s marked down to $9.97 so when you buy 10 items and take $5 off you can grab this two-piece jogger sweats set for $4.97!

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$5 And Under Costco Women's Clothing Deals - CostContessa

$2 Summer Midi Dress

These Jessica Simpson midi dresses are a STEAL. They are comfy summer casual and come in three colors, and in plus size. They are on clearance and marked down to $6.97. When. you buy 10 items and take $5 off you can grab these for $1.97. I mean what, $2!!!! I bought them in all three colors!

$5 and Under Clearance Markdown STEALS!
Steph from CostcoCasual wearing the blue midi dress

$5 Basic Black Skirt

Dress it up, dress it down, or pull it up and wear it as a dress! So many options with this no-so-basic black midi skirt. It’s on clearance for $9.97, and when you use the no code needed costco coupon with 10 qualifying items, you take $5 off and it’s $4.97!

$5 Workout Pants with Pocket

It’s all about the pocket in exercise tights for me! And these women’s Mondetta pocket athletic pants at Costco come in three colors, and lots of sizes left! They are a markdown super clearance deal for $9.97 and when you grab 10 and use the costco coupon….you’ll take $5 off which shakes out to $4.97 for a pair. I bought two!

$5 Costco Women's Workout Pants with Pocket - use the coupon and save!

$2 Space Dyed Skirt

This go-anywhere summer skirt at Costco.com comes in black and gray and you can grab it for two bucks after the coupon! It’s currently marked down on clearance for $6.97 and when you buy 10 and save $5 per item that shakes out for $1.97 for these Hilary Radley Skirts! Love the rounded hemline on these, and not too long, not too short!

$2 Rounded Hem Summer Skirt at Costco! Women's Clothing Deals - Use the Coupon and Save!

$5 Hooded Dress

This women’s casual hooded dress comes in three colors and is available in lots of colors and sizes still. This might be your new daily uniform? It’s marked down to $9.97 on clearance, and of course after the coupon is applied you can grab it for $4.97. Might need all three? Yeah me too.

Costco Women's Clothing Deals

$5 Pleated Skirt

I know, enough with all the casual wear…you also like to dress up and go out! So here you go…this ain’t your basic black skirt! We’re loving this pleated black midi skirt. Ok, well it sort of is…but it’s much more interesting! We’re loving this pleated black midi skirt. A little shine, a lot of texture, and the price is right! That’s right, five buckaroos. It’s on clearance for $9.97 and shakes out to $4.97 after the Costco coupon! Still lots of sizes left in the black. There is also a neutral color, but it’s almost sold out.

Women's Clothing Deals Under $5 at Costco Right Now! Super clearance, plus stack the Costco clothing coupon to grab these for five dollars or less!

Costco Women’s Clothing Deals Coupon

costco clothing coupon clearance

Most clearance items are eligible to stack the coupon…but not all. Look for this coupon on the item page. If it shows this coupon, the coupon will auto-add the $20 discount (which is $4 per item) to your shopping cart when you add 5 items included in the coupon code deal. No code needed. It’s automatic. Your cart will automatically update again to reflect the $50 savings (or $5 per item, which I based my final pricing on above) when you add 10 eligible clothing items.

You can mix and match pieces from men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes and kids/baby clothing. Theren’t are many exclusions to the coupon deal – but there are a few – so do look for it as you add styles to your cart.

Which Costco women’s clothing deals are your favorite? Do you own any of these? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments we want to hear them!

These are my super picks for Costco women’s clothing deals under $5 this week! Like I said, there are more available online…I didn’t want to post products that had one size left because that’s annoying…so hopefully you see this soon and get to grab these while there are still lots of color and size options left! If you get to this post late and these are sold out…head over to the Clothing Deals page to see the latest.

And if you haven’t read about how to find the best clearance deals at Costco yet, it’s 100% a worthwhile read!

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