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5 Costco Business Services That All Members Can Use to Save Money!

costco business services

There are endless ways to more than make up for the cost of your Costco membership card…from the low cost of fuel at Costco Gas Stations to blowout clearance deals online to extended warranties on tech…but there’s more! Costco Business Services aren’t just for business – all Costco Members can use these 5 Costco Business Services to save even more money, and further offset the cost of your Costco card!

  1. Checks
  2. Costco Business Center
  3. Insurance
  4. Bottled Water Delivery
  5. Truck Rentals

Costco Business Services Available to All Members:

Between inflation and rumors of a rate hike on Costco membership cards…you might be wondering how much you really save with your Costco card, deciding if it’s worth it, or just wondering how you can take advantage of all of the money saving programs that Costco offers. Well, business services aren’t just for businesses, some of them are for individual members too!


Costco Checks

Do you pay to print your bank checks? Costco offers custom bank checks at a great price, and it loads of great designs for both personal use and for business use.

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You’ll find high security checks, duplicate checks, licensed designs, and even checks with the Costco logo printed on them for all you crazy Costco fanatics (I am really talking to myself here lol!). I don’t actually have them, but maybe for my next order…hmmm…

But really, there is a huge variety of design options including those that benefit charities such as the National Park Foundation to the San Diego Zoo to the ASPCA. You’ll also find fan favorites like Disney checks, Snoopy Checks and various dog breed checks from French Bulldogs to King Charles Terriers.

Of course they also offer business check printing if you’re running your own business!

Costco Business Services - Costco Themed Checks
Costco Business Services Available to All Members Include Printed Personal and Business Checks Like this Costco Themed Logo Check for Real Costco Fanatics!

Costco Business Centers

Did you know that totally separate from Costco Warehouses are Costco Business Centers? AND YOU DON’T NEED A SEPARATE/SPECIAL COSTCO BUSINESS SERVICES MEMBERSHIP TO SHOP THERE! That’s right, your regular personal Costco membership includes access to Costco Business Center locations, and their food courts and gas stations too!

While there is some overlap in the products – you’ll find a LOT of different items! Some things I spotted on my most recent trip that I was excited to find included recycled paper plates and bowls (a greener choice in disposables!), tons of options in individually packaged snacks (comparable with Sam’s Club’s selection), tons of items perfect for those who host parties or large family events from beverage dispensers to chafing dishes, sternos, flatware and linens – there are lots of options that both small business and families alike use!

And of course for small businesses, these Costco Business Centers offer a ton more office supplies, restaurant supplies including a really broad range of meat and dairy, and loads of other things that entrepreneurs might need!

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Costco Insurance Services

While Costco Business Insurance Services do offer more insurance services for businesses – Costco offers all members access to Individual Dental Insurance and the Costco Member Prescription Program (CMPP), which offers Costco Members access to nearly 150 generic medications at a discount. If you haven’t checked the list, you might be paying more for your prescriptions with your current insurance than you would using the CMPP! Here’s the most recent formulary of authorized generics in the CMPP at Costco (updated 1/9/2023). You’ll also find flu shots for under $20 and other competitively priced vaccines available in-store.

Costco Business Services Include Water Delivery for both Home and Offices
Costco Business Services Include Water Delivery – For Home and Office

Bottled Water Delivery

Costco offers in-home bottled water delivery to members! If you’re currently using another company, I highly suggest to compare pricing!

You can choose between Spring water and Purified water, 3 or 5 Gallon bottles, and you can get a hot and cold water dispenser – all delivered right to your home or office.

Costco Business Services
Costco Business Services Include a 25% off Truck Rental – For Home & Office Use

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Budget Truck Rentals Discounts

From time to time, we all need to move large items. And if you don’t have a truck, then you know that whether you move your whole house, one table from a friend’s house or donate your old appliances…truck rentals are key…and they can get expensive! Costco members can rent trucks from Budget Truck Rentals at a discount…25% off!

Plus, Costco Members get a free additional driver, free roadside assistance, and the Costco discount on Budget Trucks applies to a wide variety of truck sizes, even as large as 26 feet long. Before you pay to rent elsewhere, definitely check the Costco pricing! Moving can get expensive, so Costco can help save you money 🙂

It might not make moving easier, but it’ll make it cheaper…so there’s that!

Have you used any of these Business Services at Costco? What did you think? We’d love to hear your review, opinion or tips! It takes a village to save money 🙂

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