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32 Degrees Crossbody Bag at Costco

32 Degrees Crossbody Bags at Costco

Today, I found this stylish new 32 Degrees crossbody bag at Costco, available in two colors: classic black and a versatile neutral beige. Personally, I’m drawn to the beige, but it’s purely a matter of taste as both colors are great!

What stands out about this bag to me is its highly adjustable and versatile strap. I can wear it as a crossbody style handbag, a shoulder bag or, for a handsfree option, across the chest. Although it’s wearable options are a little different, it’s very reminiscent of the super popular Lole belt bag that Costco carried recently.


The 32 Degrees Crossbody bag at Costco is thoughtfully designed with a secure top zipper and a generously sized interior zipper compartment.

32 Degrees Crossbody Bag at Costco in Black
Costco Crossbody bag from 32 Degrees in beige

32 Degrees Crossbody Vs. Lole Belt Bag

Comparing it to the Lole Belt Bag Lululemon dupe, the 32 Degrees crossbody bag from Costco is a totally different shape. Notably, it has fewer compartments, but more spacious. Being slightly larger than the Lole, there is just enough extra space to fit a small water bottle – a convenient feature for travelers IMO! Like the Lole, it’s a unisex design.

Both bags offer versatility in their wearability, though in distinct ways. The 32 Degrees Crossbody’s strap design doesn’t lend itself to being worn as a fanny pack, unlike the Lole. However, its adjustable strap means you can style it as either a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag or across the chest. The Lole, on the other hand, works well as both a belt bag and a cross-chest bag.

In summary, both the 32 Degrees and the Lole bags are fantastic options for diverse styles and needs.

In my opinion, Costco’s new 32 Degrees Crossbody bag is better compared to the Athleta All About Crossbody Bag in terms of functionality and style.

32 Degrees Crossbody Bag at Costco - Neutral Beige
Image Credit: CostContessa

My Review

This bag is a great travel bag for me, as it has the flexibility to be worn across the body, across the chest or as a shoulder bag. I particularly enjoy wearing it in a relaxed, cross-chest style, positioned between a traditional handbag and a crossbody chest bag.

I appreciate that it’s size can fit just a bit more, or bulkier items. I’ve got two kids and even when I’m traveling, I am carrying items for 3 sometimes.


  • Top zipper
  • 1 interior zipper compartment
  • Sturdy, stain resistant fabric
  • 2 color options: Black or Beige
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multiple ways to wear it

Costco Price and Item Number

32 Degrees Unisex Crossbody Bag is Costco item number 1774237 and costs $12.99 in-store.

I found it in the clothing section – in the aisles alongside socks, underwear and slippers.

Online Availability

As of the date of posting, the 32 Degrees Crossbody Bags are not online at Costco.com. We would expect to see it there soon – If you spot it before us please let us know in the comments!

If you have this new crossbody bag from Costco, PLEASE drop your review in the comments!! It takes a village 🙂

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