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Online Costco Coupon Book January 2023

Costco Coupon Book - Online Deals - January 2023

The December 2022 – January 2023 Online Only Costco Coupon Book is valid between December 27 and January 19, 2023. Click here to see the most recent Coupon Savings Books from Costco. Costco runs multiple coupon savings books simultaneously, please note these deals are online only! We love the online deals at Costco because there is significantly more selection in sizes, colors, and styles…especially for clothing, furniture, and home improvement items. You’ll also find products that aren’t [always] found in stores such as frozen meat packages, health and fitness items and a HUGE selection of tech/laptops/tablets. Scroll down to see all pages of the circular!

To see the deals online at Costco.com, enter JANM23 in the search bar, and it’ll show you all the deals, and check out all our recent Costco Coupon Books and deal finds here!

January 2023 Costco Coupon Book
Online Member Savings Costco Coupon Book January 2023

Every January, Costco gets a huge influx of Home Furniture, sectional sofas and Home Decor both in-store and online. We like the furniture and home at Costco because it’s a good mix of affordability, style, and quality. Cheap furniture doesn’t last, but expensive furniture is often too expensive…we think the product mix at Costco offers a good value, stretches the budget further while still delivering quality items. There are a lot of options at all budgets. We know saving money, spending smarter and budget-friendly options are important to a lot of people right now!

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There are some great online-only deals to save money on new furniture and other household items that I think are great to order online because it includes delivery and many of these items are big, bulky and heavy and can be difficult to move. 

But do note, if the item you want is also available in store, the in-store prices are always lower than the online price. So if you do have access to a vehicle to move large bulky and heavy boxes, it’s worth popping into your local Costco store to check to see if these items are also in store and you can save more money. Because Furniture is so enormous, and the boxes that comes in are also enormous, the selection in stores pretty limited.

In January’s coupon book you’ll find great prices and cost savings on exercise equipment, workout clothing, massage chairs and loads of self-care and supplements on sale. From cold pressed juice cleanses 2 collagen packets pouches 2 anti-aging masks, there’s lots of great sales on self care, Health, Beauty and wellness items on sale that ship directly to your door from Costco.com.

My Favorite Deals in the Online Only Costco Coupon Book January 2023

Home Improvement Deals

There is a Moen host series garbage disposal on sale this month for $20 off which shakes out to be $80. This is a great high quality garbage disposal for super price. 

I also love the Ove glass shower doors that are on sale for up to $200 off. They have a great modern Farmhouse look with black Hardware and would work well in a variety of bathroom styles from Modern to traditional.

There are also some good deals on garage organization. It’s the one place and nearly everyone’s home that can always use more storage, shelving, cabinets, and pick up!

Outdoor and Patio Sales

It’s only January but it’s not too early to start thinking about overhauling that outdated patio to enjoy when the Spring comes! There are some great new sets now at Costco, I especially love the Santino seating set which is on sale for $700 off. There are also two outdoor jacuzzis on sale right now, one of which is only $3,200, which is a super affordable price for a real permanent outdoor backyard hot tub! You can also find the Soluspa inflatable jacuzzi for $400 in store right now, which is pretty nice for about the cost of two massages in Los Angeles!

Costco Coupon Book January 2023 Online Deals - Workout Clothing and tennis shoes, Jewelry
Costco Online Coupon Deals January 2023 treadmill, massage chairs, weights, bbq, blender, frozen meat packcages
Costco Online Coupon Deals January 2023 samsung monitor, laptops, surface tablet, security cameras, LG, Klipsch, netgear
Costco Coupon Book January 2023 Furniture Deals Online, Sectional Sofas, Leather couches, Desk, Office Furniture
Costco Online Coupon Deals January 2023 hot tubs, jacuzzi, outdoor, patio sets, mattresses
Costco Online Coupon Deals January 2023 work out clothing, jewelry, home improvement, garage organization, bathroom vanity, OVE
Costco Online Coupon Deals January 2023 mustela, juice cleanse, organic protein shakes, spirulina, collagen, zip fizz, mct oil, skincare, beauty
Costco Online Coupon Deals January 2023 Florastor, thermacare, zesty paws, elk antler, emergency food, salmon oil
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