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Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tub at Costco

If you’re on the hunt for a quality and affordable jacuzzi, you might want to take a closer look at the Bestway SaluSpa Laguna AirJet inflatable hot tub at Costco! This portable spa is generously sized for an inflatable spa yet compact enough to fit where there is limited spacing. The SaluSpa hot tub at Costco is the best deal in town…it accommodates 2-4 people, and comes with a built in heater that heats up to 104 degrees, massage jets, built in filtration and chlorine systems, and tons of features AND it’s under $400!

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What We Like About the SaluSpa Laguna AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

First and foremost, the Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub at Costco is VERY well priced. You’ll be hard pressed to find one offering these features for less than Costco’s price.

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Small Footprint

We like the small footprint of this – we don’t even think our patio and backyard is particularly small, after a seating set, bbq, raised planter beds and potted plants…there’s not a lot of free space left! The Saluspa inflatable portable hot tub jacuzzi is 71″ x 26″ which is generously sized for 2 adults (but can hold up to 4) but is a relatively small footprint so far as portable spas.

Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub - CostContessa
Laguna Airlift Inflatable Spa Hot Tub from Costco Can Seat Up to 4 Adults

Strong Jacuzzi Massage Jets

We love that the spa jets on this are quite strong for a portable jacuzzi, strong that you’d expect and super for a sore neck!

No Special Power Outlet Required

We appreciate that the SaluSpa inflatable hot tub at Costco requires a standard 110 volt plug. Full scale hot tubs generally need 220v and from our experience it’s SHOCKINGLY expensive to install a 220v outlet – like $1000 in Los Angeles! That’s a lot of cash to spend just to wire something!

Costco Return Policy

Last, but certainly not least, it’s from Costco, so you get the Costco return policy and then you know if it’s terrible, you can return it. Try returning a used jacuzzi anywhere else, lol. We always purchase appliances and other biggies at Costco! So much peace of mind!

Costco Item Number & Price

Bestway Laguna Airjet Inflatable Spa Hot Tub is Costco item number 1539528 and costs $399.99 in-store or $499.99 online at costco.com.

Bestway Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub Jacuzzi at Costco
Laguna Bestway Inflatable Backyard Jacuzzi Hot Tub at Costco is Under $400!


  • Size: 71″ x 26″
  • Digital Control Panel Heats the Water Up to 104°F (40°C)
  • Freeze Shield, Power Saving Timer
  • Integrated Water Filtration System
  • Water Capacity at 80%: 177 Gallons
Inflatable Hot Tub at Costco Under $400!!

Inflatable Hot Tub vs Traditional Hot Tub

Obviously traditional hot tubs are significantly more money. At the $500 price point, we don’t expect something electronic that holds water and may live outdoors for periods of time to last years and years…but it’s a great fit for many people who have (a) a tight budget or (b) have really limited space or (c) rent and cannot plumb a traditional jacuzzi or wire a 220v outlet or – fill in the blank – there are many great reasons to choose an inflatable spa over traditional spas but none of them are that they are truly “better” or “will last longer” than the full blown real deal.

For comparison, the cheapest real traditional hot tub at Costco starts at $2700…with most of them hovering around $5,000. So for 1/6 of the price of the starter jacuzzi, we think that this spa offers TONS of features for the price!

What We Don’t Like About Inflatable Hot Tubs

When it comes to inflatable hot tubs, they can be a convenient and affordable way to enjoy a hot tub, but there are some drawbacks and disadvantages to consider. It’s important to note here that these are not specific to the SaluSpa hot tub, these are generally true of any inflatable home jacuzzi.

Firstly, they are not as durable as a traditional hot tub and can be prone to punctures or tears. Besides just not lasting as long, you can get water dripping which you may not notice immediately. This can cause mold or other issues that you definitely don’t want to deal with so don’t use this in a place that shouldn’t get wet. Read their instructions on this carefully.

Additionally, they take up a lot of space when not in use and can be difficult to store. Sure, they fold down but it’s still quite large, it won’t tuck under a bed or fit in a storage tote.

Filters can get expensive if you keep it up for a long time, as they need to be changed every 3 days. Portable heaters are also not as efficient to operate, so if you leave this up and heated for extended periods, you’ll see it on your electric bill and you can expect to wait a fair bit longer for it to heat up from cold.

Lastly, you need to be really careful about the way you deflate it and dry it before storing. Like anything in life, if you will grow mold if you bottle up moisture for any period of time. Be sure to follow the instructions on storage.

Costco Monopoly

Costco Monopoly

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