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New Organic Costco Finds

Costco Organic Shopping List

We love all new Costco Finds…but one of our favorites are scoring some new Organic Costco Finds! From fresh asparagus to keto granola, we found great new Costco finds! See what we’ve found in-store at Costco this week, and see what’s new at Costco around the US from the gram! Check out our Organic Costco Shopping List too for all the everyday finds we regularly buy at Costco!

And mix in some of these for even more deals when shopping organic food, snacks and produce at Costco!


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Organic Asparagus

Organic Fresh Asparagus at Costco – Produce Section

Organic Green Beans

Organic Fresh String Green Beans at Costco Produce

Organic Kids Cough Syrup

Note: this is on sale this week!

Organic Dark Honey Kids Cough Syrup Combo Day and Night Formulas

Nutty & Fruity Dried Coconut

Raw, Organic, Unsweetened and Unsulfured

Organic Unsweetened Dried Coconut at Costco

Organic Potting Soil

2 Types of Organic Soil at Costco Garden Center for Spring

Lifecrunch+ Keto Chocolate Chip Keto Granola

Low net carbs, organic.

Organic Keto Granola at Costco

Organic Kung Pao Chicken from EastWest Cuisine


Organic Kung Pao Chicken at Costco

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Organic Costco New Finds
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