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Update: 3 New Costco Squishmallows Spotted In-Store incl Ronnie the Cow!

New Costco Squishmallows Cheetah

Reports are in, and there are new Costco Squishmallows in-store this week. This batch are 24 inches of squish, and cost $32.99 each. AND, Ronnie the Cow was there! Some of these Costco Squishmallows are online, but Ronnie is BRAND NEW (well, we’ve never seen him at Costco before and we do sort of stalk squishmallows at Costco lol!).

Ronnie the Cow Squishmallows in Marina Del Rey, CA
Ronnie the Cow at Costco - New Squishmallows 2022
Ronnie the Cow’s tag – New 2022 Costco Squishmallows

Have you seen Ronnie, or any of the other new Squishies at Costco? Tell us who you spotted, and where! Help a fellow Costco Squishmallows Hunter πŸ˜‰


More New Squishmallows Finds at Costco:

Find These New Costco Squishmallows Online

Squishmallows 24″ Cheetah was spotted (no pun intended) in-store – but if you can’t find it, don’t fret because Cheetah is Costco Item 1566072 and is also available online for $36.99 with delivery.

Squishmallows 24″ Tie-Dyed Unicorn was also spotted in-store – and is available to order online. Tie-Dye Unicorn Squishmallows is Costco Item Number 1566069 and is also available online for $36.99 with delivery.

Ronnie the cow is not online at this time.

See all available Squishmallows at Costco.com Here

The Costco Sisters from Instagram found them in Pacoima!

New Squishmallows Finds at Costco – In Store 2022
Costco Squishmallows
Costco Cheetah Squishmallows – 2022 Collection at Costco

Costco has THE BEST deals on Squishmallows. They are super popular with kids right now, and these would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, or Easter Basket Stuffer, birthday gift, kindergarten graduation, or really any occasion! You cannot beat the prices at Costco for squishies this size. We absolutely love the Original Squishmallows brand- it’s reliably great quality, adorable designs and details and if you compare these to anywhere else, you save a TON at Costco.

Squishmallows are so super velvety soft, squishable and also great for travel (they squeeze nicely into gaps between car seats and the window or airplane seats and the window!), and you can machine wash them! Boom!

Check out the mini squishmallows that Costco recently dropped online (and they’ve been spotted in-stores too!) – they are SUPER CUTE!! We’re loving these little mini size squishmallows! And be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest news on new Costco Squishmallows!

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