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Mini Squishmallows Costco 8 Pack

Mini Squishmallows Costco

Updated 2/16/23 – Costco has had these new sets of 5″ Squishmallows in and out of the warehouses, but these mini Squishmallows Costco 8-packs are online all the time. They come in 3 different themes, like the Food theme shown above, and are adorable! Great gift idea for Easter Baskets, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, or whatever your favorite squishmallow collector has coming up!

Pineapples, Koalas, Sharks, Ice Cream Cones, Owls, Narwhals and more! These little baby sized squishies are too cute to pass up! I’m grabbing a few sets to keep on hand for little gifts, add ons, gift baskets, etc.


Mini Squishmallows Costco Packs Come in 3 Fun Themes:

  • Mini Squishmallows Sealife Set
  • Mini Squishmallows Animals Set
  • Mini Squishmallows Food Set
Mini Squishmallows Costco 8 Pack - CostContessa
Sealife Mini Squishmallows
Mini Squishmallows Costco 8 Pack - CostContessa
Animals Mini Squishmallows
Mini Squishmallows Costco 8 Pack - CostContessa
Food Mini Squishmallows

New Costco Sealife Mini Squishmallows Set

Costco’s Mini Squishmallows Sealife 8-pack set includes “Indie” the Hermit Crab, “Orzella” the Octopus, “Fabiola” the Rainbow Fish, “Samir” the Blue Whale, “Gordon” the Shark with Goggles, “Nabila” the Narwhal, “Archie” the Axolotl, and “Livvy” the Starfish.

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Squishmallows 5″ Mini 8 Pack, Sealife are Costco Item Number 1211146 and cost $28.99 online at Costco.com.

Costco Mini Squishmallows
Order New Sealife Themed Mini Squishmallows at Costco.com - in 8-packs of 5" squishies

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New Squishmallows at Costco – Food 5″ Mini Squishies

Squishmallows plush food themed minis at Costco come in “Chanel”  the Cinnamon Bun, “Maya” the Ice Cream, “Keina” the Sushi, “Poplina”  the Bubble Tea, “Sinclair” the Avocado Toast, “Maui” the Pineapple, “Bernardo” the Burrito, and “Lena” the Watermelon. 

Squishmallows 5″ Mini 8 Pack, Food is Costco Item Number 1211145 and costco $28.99 online at Costco.com, with free shipping.

Food Themed New Mini Squishmallows Sets at Costco Online
Mini Squishmallows at Costco in 8-Packs of 5" food theme squishmallows

Mini Squishmallows Costco – Animals

Costco’s Mini Squishmallows Animals 8-pack set includes “Babs” the Bluejay Bird, “Heidi” the Wolf, “Chelsea” the Cheetah, “Olalla” the Owl, “Coley” the Dragon, “Prim” the Unipig, “Corinna” the Cat, and “Kelina” the Koala.

Squishmallows 5″ Mini 8 Pack, Animals is Costco Item Number 1211147 and cost $28.99 online at Costco.com including free shipping.

New Squishmallows at Costco in 2022 - 8 packs of animal themed minis
Mini Squishmallows Costco

Many of these adorable mini Costco Squishmallows also have twin full size 20″ Squishmallows available still online!

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    1. yes, there are 3 options of 8-packs online – and right now there’s a coupon if you buy two you save $20 – just enter squishmallows in the search bar on costco.com and you’ll see them!

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