9 Best Costco Finds This Week!

Best New Costco Finds This Week!

Here’s a little preview of our new Costco finds this week! Add these to your Costco list and keep your eye out for these in your local store – if you don’t see them right now, keep checking as many items roll out slowly one region to the next…you’ll probably see them soon!

Keto Teriyaki Cashew Stir Fry

Taylor Farms Keto Teriyaki Cashew Stir Fry Bag from Costco
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Find this alongside the bagged salads near produce, Taylor Farms Keto Teriyaki Cashew Stir Fry comes with the raw veggies and low sugar teriyaki sauce – just toss in a pan and stir fry it up! Good meal shortcut for busy nights. $6 for 1lb 6oz bag.


Zuru Bunch o’ Balloons

Buncho Balloons at Costco 2023
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Zuru BunchOBalloons are Back again this year at Costco – and they’re the same price as last year! Super easy to fill these up, gets the kids outside! $19.99 for 420 water balloons.

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Baked Cauli & Cheese – Keto

Nature's Instinct Keto Cauliflower Mac n Cheese
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Nature’s Instinct Baked Cauli and Cheese is back – it’s like a Mac n’ Cheese style but with cauliflower so no pasta in this – this was at Costco previously but it is back in stores now – we LOVE this at our house!! It’s low carb, easy to make, and tastes great! $10.99 2lbs 4oz (two trays of cauli mac).

Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly

Kirkland Signature Costco Jelly Beans 2023
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

These are super delicious jelly beans – Jelly Belly jelly beans at Costco perfect for Spring and Easter coming up! Last year we saw these go on sale for $4 off so if you don’t need them right away, you might wait and see if you save a few dollars! $17.99 for 4 lbs.

Kirkland Signature Everything Seasoning Breaded Cod

New in the freezer aisle at Costco! You can now find frozen Kirkland Signature Everything Seasoning Breaded Cod. It's all ready to bake and it's made with wild caught cod.
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

You can now find frozen Kirkland Signature Everything Seasoning Breaded Cod. It’s all ready to bake and it’s made with wild caught cod. It has a light coating of breadcrumbs with everything seasoning and it’s really a versatile preparation, it basically goes with everything! $18 for 2.5 lbs (14 pieces).


Costco - New Finds - Dunkaroos
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

New! Dunkaroos vanilla cookies with rainbow frosting dip are now in Costco stores. $14.99 for 30 snack packs.

Made for Comfort White Arm Chairs

Costco Furniture Finds - White Arm Chair with Nails
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

New and on sale! These are $149.99 in stores – they feature a nailed design on both sides and dark wood legs. Very substantial size for the price!

KiGold Ginseng Shampoo and Conditioner

KiGold Ginseng Shampoo Conditioner Costco
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

This Korean ginseng shampoo and condition come to Costco once a year…the shampoo features real fresh ginseng root in the bottle, and is strengthening treatment that supports hair growth and strength. $42.99 for the set.

Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate Bunnies

9 Best Costco Finds This Week! - CostContessa

These are an Easter Basket favorite! Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate gold foil wrapped bunnies are back again this year for 2023 – 2 7oz milk chocolate bunnies will cost you $12.99.

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