Maldon Sea Salt at Costco

Maldon Sea Salt at Costco

New Costco Find! Maldon Sea Salt at Costco is brand new in the seasonings aisle! These are specialty kosher sea salt flakes for all you foodies! Maldon salt is a handcrafted, small batch, sea salt created by master salt makers. It comes from Maldon, England.

Four generations of the Osborne family have been hand harvesting the naturally
formed pyramid crystals that have become Maldon’s signature for a century. Today, we’re not just custodians of an ancient culinary tradition but also creators of a brand that’s recognised the world over.

~Maldon Salt

Maldon Sea Salt at Costco Price & Item Number

Maldon Kosher Sea Salt Flakes 1.25 lb Resealable Tub is Costco Item Number 1712715 and costs $7.79 in-store.


You can also find Maldon Salt on amazon.

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