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MakeUp Eraser at Costco

makeup eraser at costco

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your makeup removal routine, the MakeUp Eraser at Costco is a great solution. This innovative product is a reusable, machine-washable cloth that can remove virtually any type of makeup with just water. It’s better for the environment than disposable wipes, yet makes cleaning your face just as easy. The MakeUp Eraser also makes a great gift for teens or college students or yourself!

Plus, it’s reusable and machine-washable, and saves money in the long run versus disposable wipes or cleansers. And no soap means its a good option for sensitive skin, too!


The Original MakeUp Eraser Kit at Costco Includes

  • Full size MakeUp Eraser
  • 7-day set
  • Laundry Bag
makeup eraser at costco
New 9-Piece Set – MakeUp Eraser at Costco

Why We Like It

The MakeUp Eraser from Costco is an incredibly convenient product. Plus, MakeUp Erasers are machine washable, so they’re easy to keep clean for everyday use. If you’re looking for a simple way to remove your makeup, the MakeUp Eraser is definitely worth a try! And of course when you buy a MakeUp Eraser at Costco, you always have the great return policy to fall back on it if it doesn’t work out for you.

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If you don’t need the large eraser and laundry bag, you can find the simple 7 day sets on Amazon for around the same price (or a little less). There is also a couple of licensed character MakeUp Erasers like Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, and Nickelodeon.

Costco Price and Item Number

MakeUp Eraser 9-Piece Set at Costco costs $19.99 and is Costco Item Number 1727114.

MakeUp Eraser at Costco Availability and Finding it In-Store

We only see the MakeUp Eraser kit at Costco a few times per year – this item is not available on a year-round basis. You’ll find it in the beauty and skincare aisles of Costco.

Online Availability

Currently the MakeUp Eraser isn’t available online at Costco, but there is a comparable product called Erase the Cake in a 7-day set available online.

What is a MakeUp Eraser

MakeUp Erasers are made from a patented polyester blend fabric that’s designed to be both gentle on skin while effectively removing makeup. Just wet the cloth with warm water and then gently wipe away makeup. You don’t need to use any additional products or cleansers; the cloth does all the work for you.

The MakeUp Eraser cloth is designed to be gentle on skin and doesn’t leave behind soapy residue or irritation. It’s safe to use it on eyes, lips, and face, neck and it’s even effective on most waterproof makeup.

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