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4 New Jumbo Squishmallows 24 Inch at Costco

Costco 24 Inch Jumbo Squishmallows Kitty

I spotted a brand new batch of Costco Jumbo Squishmallows 24 inch size have hit stores – this set of squishy friends has already been available online, but we’ve never seen these available in-store before! I found Mila the Elephant, Gigi the Orange Kitty, Meadow the Purple Pony and more! How many is too many Squish?

Spotted Cheetah was mixed in with these too. Still no more Ronnie the Cow sightings though. I know a lot of you are looking for Ronnie – I will keep my eye out and update this if if I see again!


See Costco Jumbo Squishmallows 24″ Available Online at Costco Here

Squishmallows Mila 24″ Elephant

Costco Item Number 1566075 and costs $38.99 online or $34.99 in-store.

Jumbo Squishmallows 24 Inch
Mila Jumbo Squishmallows Elephant at Costco

Squishmallows 24″ Jumbo Dragonfly

Teal blue Squishmallows Dragonfly 24: Squishmallows is Costco Item Number 1566073 and costs $38.99 online or $34.99 in-store at Costco.

Dragonfly Jumbo Squishmallows at Costco in aqua blue with purple tummy and glitter sparkle antenna
Costco Squishmallows Dragonfly

Gigi Jumbo Squishmallows 24 inch Orange Kitty Cat

Squishmallows 24″ Ginger Cat Gigi is Costco Item 1566076 and costs $38.99 online at Costco.com or $34.99 in-store.

Jumbo Squishmallows 24 Inch Costco
Gigi Jumbo Squishmallows at Costco

Meadow 24″ Jumbo Purple Pony Squishmallows at Costco

Meadow the jumbo 2′ tall super sized Purple Horse Squishmallows is Costco Item Number

Item 1566078 and costs $38.99 online at Costco.com or $34.99 in-store.

Meadow 24 inch Costco Squishmallows - Purple Horse/Pony with purple spots, fluffy mane and tail.
Meadow the Purple Pony Squishmallows from Costco

Squishmallows at Costco vs Amazon

Although the deals on Squishmallows at Amazon are not as good as Costco – Amazon does have an amazing variety of Squishmallows including rare, and hard to find ones – so if you’re Squishmallows hunting it’s always worth a look there. They do also have all sizes – a person can only have so many 2′ tall overstuffed Squishies on their bed at one time, so sometimes it’s nice to find some good 16″ or 22″ options in Amazon Squishmallows.

More Jumbo Squishmallows Online at Costco.com

There are tons of great jumbo 24 inch squishmallows online at Costco.com and there has been a rotating collection of them in-stores for awhile. Perhaps the most popular of all of them is Ronnie the Cow – who we spotted a few weeks ago! But we love all the giant squishy pillow pals from The Original Squishmallows.

Costco’s price on all Squishmallows is SUPER, but especially for these superized 24 inch Squishmallows – these are an incredible deal and there is a really quite a selection online! The mini squishmallows are also a great value – the minis at Costco are 5″ and quite substantial! Most other stores selling “mini” Squishmallows are offering 2″-3″ Minis – there’s a big difference – so make sure you’re checking the product size if you’re shopping and comparing deals on Squishmallows!

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Costco Pro Tip: Costco Jumbo 24-inch Squishmallows rarely go on sale…but have spotted them for $5 off on sale online. We’ve never seen a Squishmallows on sale at Costco in-store or on a clearance markdown (though we’ve spotted awesome toy deals before so we’ll keep you posted if we see them!).

Costco Pro Tip: Costco Jumbo 24 inch Squishmallows have gone up in price $2 each on the in-store price – inflation affects our favorite Squishy friends too! We have no knowledge of future price increases, but if you are extremely price sensitive and you want to purchase one in the next few months, you might take that into consideration 🙂

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