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2-Piece Delsey Luggage at Costco – Review

delsey luggage at costco

Right now you can buy Delsey Luggage at Costco! I bought this Delsey 2-piece softside luggage set for under $200 in-store recently for a vacation, it’s great! Delsey is a luxury brand of luggage, it’s SUPER durable. It’s not the cheapest option, but the Costco price is really a great price for this 2-piece set and we’re very happy with it! 

The Costco Delsey travel set includes a 30″ large checked bag and a 22″ weekender rollaboard – the roll aboard is the largest size carry on allowed so it’s nice and big! It also comes with a small hanging toiletry bag that snaps inside the rollaboard. The large checked suitcase also has an expander.

Delsey Luggage Set at Costco

The luggage set is wired to insert a device charger, and both bags have TSA approved locking devices built-in. If you have’t seen these, basically you can set a passcode to lock the bags, but TSA has a key that will open them if needed. We never really lock our bags so I haven’t tried it out, but it’s good to have if needed and certainly a deterrent to theft.

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The spinners are SO NICE. The wheels are really high quality and they are a breeze to push even when loaded down with 48 lbs (our bag weight for this last trip, phew, just under the wire lol!). The zippers are also VERY sturdy and easy to use even when the bag is stuffed!

We tend to keep luggage a LONG time – basically until it breaks – so it’s worth spending an extra $20-30 more to get the Delsey. These bags will last a long time! 

Delsey Luggage at Costco Item Number & Price

Delsey 2-Piece Softside Spinner Luggage Set is Costco Item #2622155 and costs $174.99 in-store. The Delsey luggage set is not currently available on Costco.com, however there are some other great luggage sets online at Costco there like the Samsonite Luggage Set and this Swissmade Luggage Set!

Delsey Luggage at Costco Product Features:

  • Double Spinner Wheels
  • TSA Approved Lock
  • Removable Lining
  • Bi-Fold Organizer
  • Expander on Larger/Checked Bag

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Delsey often has some pretty good deals on their website – from markdown clearance luggage sets to 25% coupon codes – I don’t think you can beat the Costco price on Delsey baggage, but if you’d like a hardside set, or a more colorful set…if you have a little time and patience and keep checking their site, you can probably score a pretty good deal on some nice luggage for your next vacation!

Do you have this Delsey Luggage at Costco? What did you think? how long have you had it? How has it held up? Do you recommend it? We’d love to hear your review of the Costco Delsey luggage set!

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  1. Purchased at Costco a few weeks ago. Took the carry-on with me on a trip last week. Handle will not collapse. Returning the set today.

    1. Oh no! Yes, definitely return them, that’s so frustrating! I’m sorry to hear that, we’ve had great experience with Delsey and it’s such a bummer to get a lemon (and figure it out while traveling eek!)…

  2. These bags are great! However I’ve only had them for a couple of months and the smaller ones handle already isn’t coming up all the way. Bummed out! I travel a lot for work and some airlines require you to inspect your bag before you leave the airport for damage. I missed this and don’t know when it happened. Hopefully desley helps me out! I don’t have the box anymore to return to Costco but I may have the receipt.

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I own these myself and the handle should not have stopped working only after a few trips…if Delsey isn’t able to help you, Costco will accept returns without the box or receipt if you are the member/purchaser. It’s all kept electronically, so if you bought on your own membership…you’re good without those! If it was a gift, that’s trickier, and you’d need the gift giver to go into the store with you to facilitate a return…but that’s still possible, too. Hopefully Delsey can help, though! Let me know how it goes! xoxo, Marie

  3. I bought this set last year and one of the wheels is no longer working properly on the large bag. If you have information about the model number so I can order replacements for the wheels that would be great.

    1. I don’t have the model number but I do know the line of soft sided luggage that was at Costco was called the Delsey Paris 2-Piece. I would think that Delsey will replace the wheels or at least be able to give you the proper instruction to order the correct one – otherwise you can also take it back to Costco if you don’t have luck with the manufacturer. Delsey has an online form you can fill out and upload a photo https://us.delsey.com/pages/contact
      Sorry I don’t have the info, but hopefully that’s helpful 🙂

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