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Costco Horizon Organic Powdered Milk

Horizon Organic Powered Milk at Costco

There are so many ways to use powdered milk! Costco now carries Horizon Organic Powdered Milk and we’re excited! Powdered milk is an emergency preparedness basic (see the generators at Costco here!), an option for a regular everyday milk with a longer shelf life, and makes a great addition to recipes! Powdered milk packs all the punch of fresh milk, and because it doesn’t add liquid which can really throw off a recipe, it’s easy to add in! Not only does it bring all the benefits of milk- but the added fat content can make baked goods softer, moister and more delicious!

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About Horizon Organic

Horizon Organic partners with over 600 certified organic family farms across the United States, and is certified organic by an independent third party. Horizon’s family farms are committed to non-gmo feed, no antibiotics, and no hormones. Horizon Organic sells 2% Fresh Organic Milk with DHA in the refrigerated section, and now has dry powdered whole milk at Costco too.

Horizon Organic Powered Milk at Costco
Horizon Organic Powdered Milk at Costco

Horizon Organic Powdered Milk Nutritional Panel

Powdered milk packs loads of nutrional benefits. In just 1/4 cup serving, you’ll find:

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  • 8 grams of protein
  • 35% DV of Calcium
  • 15% DV of Vitamin D
  • 40% DV of Vitamin B12
  • 25% DV of Riboflavin
  • 20% DV of Phosphorus
Horizon Organic Powered Milk at Costco - Nutritional Content
Horizon Organic Powdered Milk at Costco – Nutritional Panel

https://horizon.com/organic-dairy-products/organic-milk/organic-dry-whole-milk/ORGANIC DRY WHOLE MILK

What’s so special about Horizon Organic® dry whole milk? Well, it’s certified organic, so it has to meet all of these standards: no GMOs, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no toxic and persistent pesticides and the humane treatment of cows. Plus, it has 50% more calcium than typical whole milk in every delicious serving.

Horizon Organic

Preparation Instructions for Horizon Powdered Milk

It’s easy to reconstitute the Costco powdered milk – just add your choice of hot or cold and stir. For recipe ideas using powdered milk scroll below for tons of great ideas! Not only can you pack the nutrition of milk into your recipes, the fat from whole milk will make many receipes much more delicious!

Horizon Organic Powered Milk at Costco - Preparation Instructions
Instructions for Horizon Organic Powdered Milk – Costco Contessa


Organic Whole Milk, Calcium Carbonate*, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3.

*Ingredient not found in regular dry whole milk

Do you use powdered milk? Have you seen the Costco Powdered Milk from Horizon, tell us which stores you’ve spotted it in, and how you use it! Drop your favorite ways to use whole powdered milk in the comments below!

Horizon Organic Powdered Whole Milk is Costco Item Number 1468238 and Retails for $20.89

Costco Powdered Milk - Whole Organic by Horizon Organic | Costco Contessa

Did you know that only 6% of all the milk sold in America is USDA certified organic?

It’s our government’s premier standard for milk and requires farmers to adhere to strict requirements as they care for their cows and steward their land. At Horizon, we think the organic difference makes for happy cows and delicious milk.

Horizon Organic

Costco Powdered Milk Review – Horizon Organic Whole Milk

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