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20% Off Honey Baked Ham Discount for Costco Members

Honey Baked Ham Discount for Costco Members Save 20%

Hands down, this is one of my favorite deals to get at Costco. Costco members save 20% off at the Honey Baked Ham Store through the Costco Discount Gift Card purchase program. I buy this every year (sometimes twice) – it only hits stores twice a year – right before Thanksgiving (thru Christmas) and again right before Easter. The discount deal is that you get $100 in Honey Baked Ham Store Gift Cards for $80, or 20% off. $100 will buy about a 8.5 lb ham from the Honey Baked Ham Store where I live (Culver City location – the prices may vary a bit by location, but I live in an expensive city so hopefully if they’re different they’re lower!).

We host most holidays and spend it with old friends and my kids and the other family both prefer ham to Turkey, so I make ham for almost every holiday. I do also buy the Kirkland Signature spiral ham in-store at Costco too…but if we’re being totally honest, nothing beats a Honey Baked Ham. Just keeping it real. Course you pay more than twice as much for it, so…


TL/DR: Honey Baked Ham is DELICIOUS and the Costco gift card deal shakes out to about 20% off a 8.5lb ham. It’s pricey, but my family thinks it’s a worthwhile expenditure for special holidays holiday meals and we enthusiastically recommend!

How it Works

No long explanation needed – this works like all other discount gift card deals at Costco…just look for the gift card display in your local store and you’ll find the Honey Baked Ham discount gift card cardboard cut out – take that to the register. After you pay the $80, you take the cardboard cutout and your receipt to the pick up counter and they’ll take the cardboard and give you 2 $50 Honey Baked Ham Store gift cards.

You can also see if the Honey Baked Gift Card deal is available for your region online at Costco.com. I’m not sure why it’s not available everywhere – I tried to order one a few days ago but it said I couldn’t…nonetheless I am excited though that new for 2024, this deal is now online too…at least for some people!

That’s $100 to spend for $80. We love Honey Baked Ham, but it’s also pretty expensive…so this is a great way to save 20% on it!

The Honey Baked Ham store also offers online shipping, whole turkeys, honey baked turkeys, boneless hams, sides, desserts, and all sorts of stuff you can use the cards for – but the honey baked ham itself is THE THING everyone goes there for!

20% Off Honey Baked Ham Discount for Costco Members - CostContessa
Honey Baked Ham is a Family Holiday Favorite! | Image: Marie Clark for CostContessa.com

Note on Using the Honey Baked Cards

It’s important to note that there are some restrictions on using them for the Honey Baked Store’s online discount meals, bundles, and coupon deals. I prefer to get the Costco deal because the only percentage discounts that are ever over 20% for online orders are for the meal bundles, which I don’t usually get. If you just want a single ham, I think the Costco discount card saves the most money in my experience.

If you do want a whole meal bundle and to have hit shipped frozen, it’s worth checking the Honey Baked Ham Store Online first for special deals and make sure it won’t exclude these gift cards or see if they have an offer that’s better than 20% off.

Cost of Actual Ham at Honey Baked Store After Discount

In Fall 2023, the Half Ham (bone-in) at Honey Baked Ham Store cost $10.49/lb. I purchased a 9.4 lb ham for a total of $95.88. I paid with my $100 in Costco gift card (which cost me $80) so I had a little over $4 left on the card which I gave to the next person in line (pay it forward, you know!!?) – so in the end I bought a $95.88 Honey Baked Ham for $80. That’s still about a 20% discount by using the Costco gift card deal. The prices have gone up a little for 2024 – you can place orders online for pick up (highly recommended!) and check pricing – so it’s easy to see how much it’ll really cost you: Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham is expensive – it’s definitely a special occasion type of meal.

What’s Different About Honey Baked Ham

While all ham is quite good (let’s be real!) there is something special about Honey Baked Ham. I think the expression “often imitated but never duplicated” stands here. Others are good, but none are Honey Baked Ham!

Honey Baked Ham is smoked for a long time. Combined with their special honey seasoning it produces an incredibly flavorful ham all the way through the ham – not just on the exterior (like many others that attempt to duplicate it). To be honest, if we knew how they made it so darn good, then others would be duplicating it…but alas their process is part of their secret!

If you’ve never had it and are debating whether the steep price of Honey Baked Ham Store is worth it…some Honey Baked Ham Stores offer deli sandwiches, which is a good way to taste it without committing to a big piece of ham.

Does Costco Sell Honey Baked Ham?

I WISH!!!!! It would be amazing if Costco just sold the actual Honey Baked Hams and skipped the need to go to the actual store!! Unfortunately, Costco only sells the discount gift cards and not the actual hams.

If any buyers at Costco are reading, PLEASE do a deal with Honey Baked Ham for hams in-store at Costco!!!!! Wishful thinking on my behalf, but a girl can wish. lol 🙂

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