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Hippeas Chickpeas Puffs

Hippeas Costco

Costco now carries a variety pack of individual bags of Hippeas Chickpeas Puffs. Each 24 count box contains 24 individual bags. Hippeas Puffs are vegan, gluten free and are 100 calories per bag.

I’m a big fan of these, they are pretty delish! I don’t think you can compare the texture to a non-gluten free puff – that’s not fair – but they do a great job on the flavor and crunch side and if you can forgive a little on the texture side these are a much healthier option and for anyone who is gluten free or vegan, these are a definite yes!


Each Hippeas variety pack case of 24 bags has 2 flavors:

  • 12 Vegan White Cheddar
  • 12 Nacho Vibes

Costco Item Number: 1740170

Hippeas Chickpea Puff Variety Pack 24 Count Price: $11.59 or about $0.50 per bag

Hippeas Puffs at Costco

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