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Essenza Soap Infused Sponges at Costco

Essenza Soap Infused Sponges at Costco

New! 4 packs of Essenza soap infused sponges at Costco! Essenza’s round sponges are already loaded with soap you can use up to 15 times, and have a rope so they can hang in the shower or bath tub. They are made with glycerin, shea butter, aloe vera and essential oils. Each variety gift set comes with four soap infused sponges.

essenza soap infused sponges at costco


We bought these and tried them and we’re a big fan. The sponges lathered up very nicely, they were nice and soft, and we liked the scent.


The Essenza soap infused sponges at Costco are a great budget friendly alternative to Spongelle (which will almost cost you more for just 1 than this whole 4-pack costs!).

Gift Idea: The essenza soap infused sponges come individually wrapped, so we also think that these would be great stocking stuffers for teens or party favors for a kids spa party, bridal shower or baby shower.

Essenza 4-pack of soap infused sponges at Costco feature 4 scents:

  • wild lavender
  • coconut Sands
  • sugared citrus
  • sweet grapefruit

Product features:

  • ~15 uses per soap infused sponge
  • 3 oz per sponge 
  • individually wrapped (giftable separately)
  • rope for easy hanging in shower or bath

Costco price and item number

Essenza soap infused sponge set 4 pack costs $12.79 and is Costco item number 1735966.  That shakes out to about $3.20 each.

Currently Essenza’s Gift Set of Soap Infused Sponges is in-store only, and is not currently available on Costco.com. You can click here to check to see if they are added and can ordered online.

Also See Manufacturer’s Website: Essenza

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