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Costco Travel Packages Cabo

Looking for Costco Travel Packages Cabo San Lucas or travel reviews for the Hilton Cabo San Lucas? There are many beautiful resorts with Costco Travel Packages to Cabo, and we recently chose to visit the the Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort and it’s a beautiful family friendly resort for both those traveling with kids and for a kid-free vacation! Or maybe a mix of both πŸ™‚

Firstly, the Costco travel package for the Hilton Los Cabos was AMAZING. I wrote a whole post on the price comparison of Costco travel versus AMEX travel after we booked it because I just couldn’t believe the savings! And after visiting the Cabo Hilton Resort, I am still shocked it was so affordable!


I think the best part about the Hilton Los Cabos is the resort and pools. From the lobby, to open air stairways, to perfectly groomed lawns to sparkling infinity pools overlooking the ocean…the resort is really a nice property. Our Costco travel package included round trip direct airfare, airport transfers by private vehicle (we paid a small fee to upgrade), our hotel room, plus our package had kids eat free and daily breakfast for 2.

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Open Airway Resort

2020 feels like yesterday, but for some it’s still ongoing…so safety first…the entire property is essentially outdoors. Except for the elevator (you can opt for the stairs if you like), your hotel room and the indoor portions of the restaurants (which all have outdoor patios you can access easily)…we were constantly in spaces that are open air. I think travelers looking to avoid enclosed spaces can easily do so at the Hilton Los Cabos Resort.

Note: The morning breakfast buffet is indoors but there is outdoor seating. A la carte food is available for breakfast in the restaurant on the patio, or you could choose room service.

Covid Safety at Hilton Los Cabos - Open Air Hallways Mean You'll Rarely Need to Go Indoors Besides Your Room!
Covid Safety at Hilton Los Cabos – Open Air Hallways Mean You’ll Rarely Need to Go Indoors Besides Your Room!

Hotel Transfers

Costco Travel Packages come standard with either hotel transfers or a rental car. The default for most destinations seems to be a shared van transfer, but pay attention during checkout, as that’s where you will see the options.

We upgraded from shared van transfer to private vehicle. We really didn’t know what to expect…but when we arrived in Cabo San Lucas airport, we were told to find the booth with the cab company’s name, which we easily found and they had us on their list and everything was all taken care of from there. We waited about 15 minutes (sat and had a mojito at the little outdoor restaurant in the Cabo airport) and then we were taken to a private SUV much like your standard uber black here in the US.

Costco Travel Packages Cabo San Lucas Review - Hilton Los Cabos - CostContessa
Private Vehicle Transfer Upgrade on the Costco Travel Package for the Hilton Los Cabos

They came back and picked us up to bring us back for our departure. They were right on time, and the vehicles were nice – both ways we drove in Suburban XL’s, loaded, ice cold air conditioning and bottled waters – and driven very safe and responsibly. We were thrilled with transfers in our Costco Travel Package!


Check-in took longer than it should have. I don’t really know why it took so long…but it was a good hour of waiting around. Bring your patience. But it wasn’t thaaaaat bad. Next time I think one adult will wait and the other will take the kids to sit down and get a snack in a restaurant.

Hilton Honors Program

Just a heads up, you don’t earn points on the Hilton Honors Program when you book your Hilton Hotel via Costco Travel. That’s actually the same policy for most third party travel site bookings….it’s not exclusive to Costco Travel…but if it matters to you I think it’s worth a note.

If you have status at Hilton already, your status that provides you club access or free breakfast or the like should still apply. But you won’t likely get a room upgrade and you won’t build points when you book your vacation this way. Here’s the direct link to the Hilton Los Cabos resort on if you need to book directly.


We were happy with the food with the Hilton Los Cabos. We only left the resort a few times and by the time we left we’d eaten in every restaurant, indoors and outdoors and lunch and dinner lol. The staff was super helpful and happy to help make everyone happy.

I have to say that I liked the lunch outdoors by the main pool the best. From fish tacos to nachos…it was good! It closes early, so if you want to eat there for dinner you have to get there early! There’s a great view, and it’s nice and casual for kids.

On multiple occasions someone in our party (we had four adults and four children) wanted something from a menu in another restaurant, and almost every time they were able to accommodate and bring it.

Across the board, expect US resort pricing on the food at the Hilton…it’s not ridiculous but it’s definitely not cheap.

Breakfast Buffet

Our Costco Travel package included the breakfast buffet continental breakfast – this means it doesn’t include the omelette station, pancake station, etc. It includes fruit, yogurt bar, oatmeal bar, pastries, etc. That was fine for me most days, and the kids could get anything from pancakes to waffles to omelettes. Their bacon was a fan favorite…my kids still talk about how perfectly cooked and crispy it was yet not fatty – I’d love to know how they cook it, it was A+!

Kids Eat Free

Our Costco Travel package also included Kids Eat Free, which was awesome! Kids Eat Free isn’t an automatic benefit, I find it’s often offered on the “limited time deals” and other special travel promotions for travel packages on Costco Travel. At the Hilton Los Cabos, basically kids can order anything and they’ll make it in a kid-size portion.

Tip: Let the server know BEFORE ordering that the room has the kids eat free package, to avoid miscommunications about what portion size the kids order (that happened a few times to us, and for us it wasn’t really a big deal to pay for a couple meals, but if it is to you just clarify before ordering).

Resort & Pools

The resort is absolutely gorgeous. It feels fancy enough to feel like a luxury vacation, but casual enough that you can still bring your kids. There are four pools with servers, towel service and attendants.

The main pool is the largest pool, it is an infinity pool and has a swim up bar, cabanas (which you can reserve for a fee) and loads of seating and umbrellas.

There is a smaller (but still large) pool in front of the Hilton Grand Vacations side (which is open to all guests), as well as a small kids pool with a little waterslide. Our kids ranged from 4-8 when we were there and they all slid down it and played and had fun. It’s not a big slide, though…it’s really geared toward 3-7 I would say.

There is also an adults only pool, with adults only lounge chairs.

Tip: get down to the pool first thing and reserve your chairs with some sunblock, sun hats, pool toys, etc. This is literally the ONE thing I dislike about large chain resorts…if they just dedicated someone to seating everyone when they wanted to sit instead of allowing unused chairs to stay reserved for hours on end empty…there would be plenty for everyone…but alas…that’s now how it is. If you don’t, there are attendants to help move chairs or umbrellas but there’s only so much they can do…so if you want to pick where you are, get down early and reserve it.

Costco Travel Packages Cabo Hilton Rooms & Travel Tips

Pay attention to the room type and view on your travel package, often the rooms in the default packages are “partial” ocean view as they are cheaper and lower the price of the package – this is generally good and most of the time you can select to upgrade your room during the checkout process…which I highly recommend.

In our experience, they were not willing to change our room, upgrade us or otherwise – they offered an ocean view for $200 per night additional which is significantly more than it would have been to upgrade the whole package at the time of purchase.

While our original room did have an partial ocean view, it was on the first floor and overlooked the service entrance of the hotel next door. Think chain linked fence, trucks driving in and out, no landscaping…it was no bueno. I highly recommend ponying up for the ocean view, or ask for a high floor. Despite the mandate for hotels to operate at significantly under capacity (due to Covid)…and open availability online to book a room…they claimed they “didn’t have a single room” to move us to until my husband annoyed them SO MUCH they moved us up a floor (same room type), which honestly made a HUGE difference.

So if you really want an ocean view, upgrade it during booking and don’t plan to just see what the room is like and handle it at the resort.

Costco Travel Packages Cabo

Watch Out for Eagle Rays in Water

We traveled to the Hilton Los Cabos over the 4th of July and while we were there we spotted these eagle rays jumping up out of the water! It was AMAZING. I LOVE eagle rays, they’re my favorite spotting when I’m snorkeling or diving and this was amazing to see – I only wish I could have been out in the water with them! If you’re visiting the Hilton, or any of the other nearby resorts like the Grand Velas, Dreams Cabo, Marquis Los Cabos or Casa Fortuna on The Corridor keep your eye out and I hope you get to see this!

Bat Rays of the shore of the Hilton Los Cabos Spa & Resort in Mexico

Day Trip to The Arch

We took a day trip to Cabo San Lucas Marina and went out to see “The Arch” a large rock formation – it’s not far offshore and even those who get seasick easily will probably make this ride ok. We went out with “Mas Tequila” on a short private tour. In the Marina you’ll find Mas Tequila in the first slip. We were traveling with friends who’d toured with him before and he was very nice and laid back. His boat was about average for the boats that run these tours, and had a small glass bottom window so the kids could look at fish.

Costco Travel Packages in Mexico - The Arch in Cabo San Lucas
Glass Bottom Boat Tour on Mas Tequila in Cabo San Lucas to the Arch
Glass Bottom Boat Tour to The Arch in Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas Travel Package Deals from Costco Travel

Costco Cabo San Lucas

Yes, there is a Costco in Cabo San Lucas! If you stay at the Hilton I don’t think you’ll have need to go…but there is a Costco in Cabo San Lucas if you decide to go with an AirBNB or to stay on the Hilton Vacation Club side and do some shopping for the kitchen! It’s easy to find and right on the mainfare on the way into Cabo. Although it’s not official that your US Costco card will give you access to Costco warehouse in Mexico…we hear they are pretty lax and welcome Costco members from the US to do their shopping. Just be prepared that they may not…

Walmart also sells groceries (and delivers them!).

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