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Costco Organic String Cheese

Costco Organic String Cheese

Costco fan favorite and toddler snack essential…STRING CHEESE! Costco organic string cheese is individually packaged, mild, delicious mozzarella string cheese made from whole milk. It’s full of protein, has 0 carbohydrates, 0 added sugars, and is a good source of calcium. String cheese is also keto friendly, gluten free, great for kids snacks and lunches and is easy to grab and eat on the go! Galbani Organic String Cheese at Costco is a costco shopping list essential!

Why We Love Costco Organic String Cheese by Galbani

  • Antibiotic Free
  • Growth Hormone Free
  • Cows with Pasture Access
  • 15% DV of Calcium per piece
  • 7g of Protein
  • 90 Calories per serving
  • USDA Organic
  • 0 Added Sugars
  • Delicious

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Galbani Organic String Cheese Nutritional Panel

Costco Organic String Cheese Nutritional Panel

Costco Item Number & Pricing

Galbani Whole Milk Organic String Cheese is Costco Item Number 1311521 and Retails for $9.49 for 24 1 oz servings.

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Costco Organic String Cheese In-Store Location

You’ll find the organic string cheese in the general dairy refrigerated cases (not specialty) alongside the shredded cheese, kirkland blocks of cheese and butter.

costco organic string cheese
Costco Organic String Cheese from Galbani

Historical Pricing Notes:

In 2021, Galbani Whole Milk Organic String Cheese at Costco cost $7.99.

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