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Costco Mochi Ice Cream – Bubbies Vegan Mochi!

Costco Mochi Ice Cream

Costco Mochi Ice Cream is currently Bubbie’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Mochi. The flavors of Bubbie’s Ice Cream Mochi at Costco change periodically. This non-dairy box is a plant based, vegan mochi, and it’s also gluten free, non-GMO and Kosher. Bubbie’s swapped the ice cream for a delicious vegan coconut-based frozen n’ice cream and each box has a tray of 3 flavors: mango, strawberry and chocolate, which is wrapped with a soft, sweetened mochi dough for the perfectly proportioned plant-based and gluten free bite of mochi happiness.

There are 80 calories in each piece of the non-dairy Bubbies Ice Cream Mochi from Costco, so this is a great under 100 calorie option for a little treat or dessert!


Each box of Costco mochi ice cream has 18 pieces, 6 of each flavor. Mochi has a great presentation and they’re a tasty little dessert that guests can just pick up and eat. We LOVE mochi, and we like the texture, it’s unique…our kids could take them or leave them – not because of this brand’s texture/flavor – just mochi in general. If you’re looking for dessert for kids you might check out the Island Way Fruit Sorbet at Costco.

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Bubbies Mochi at Costco

We usually see a new flavor variety of Bubbie’s Mochi at Costco every few months – it’s definitely a fan favorite frozen dessert treat at Costco! This is the first time we’ve seen a vegan non-dairy though – so I’m sure all our plant-based friends will be excited!


Like all the Bubbie’s Costco Mochi – it’s under 100 calories per piece. These non-dairy mochis have 80 calories per piece! See the nutritional panel in the instagram post below!

Bubbie’s Mochi Lover’s Serving Tip: Let your mochi thaw for 3-4 minutes before serving so it softens to its yummy best!



Product Features:

Bubbie’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Mochi at Costco

Costco Item Number and Price

Bubbie’s Mochi Dairy Free Mochi 18 1.25oz is Costco Item Number 1548663 and costs $11.49 per box.

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What is Mochi Ice Cream?

Mochi (that’s moh-chee) is a sweet wrapper made from squishy rice dough wrapped around a filling. It’s prepared a variety of ways and in different flavors, among the most popular in the US is wrapped around an ice cream ball (or non-dairy ice cream in this case!).

Throughout the year Costco carries various flavors (they change periodically) and we’ve also seen the Costco ice cream mochi in a green tea flavor, passion fruit, strawberry, vanilla, sweet mango, chocolate, blood orange, sakura, matcha and more.

Costco Mochi Ice Cream
New Costco Mochi Ice Cream Option – Bubbie’s Non-Dairy Vegan Mochi!

Bubbie’s Ice Cream

Bubbie’s has been making specialty frozen desserts in Hawaii for over 30 years. Today Bubbie’s is made on the mainland to accommodate increased manufacturing space needs.

You can check out Bubbie’s other exciting flavors and ice cream creations at www.bubbiesicecream.com!

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