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Ker-Pops Super Jumbo Bubble Sensory Mat at Costco

Kids Sensory Bubble Mat at Costco

Back in the holiday toy section of Costco for Christmas 2023! If your kids love fidget toys, check out this gigantic 23 inch silicone jumbo bubble sensory mat at Costco. Fidget toys like this super jumbo silicone bubble pop it toy have been growing in popularity the last few years and they will once again be a big hit for Christmas. This giant pop-it toy at Costco is incredibly well priced for it’s gigantic size, and will make a great holiday gift for any child who loves Fidget toys. Plus, the Ker-Pops rainbow bubble popping sensory fidget mat is non-toxic and can come apart into three separate pieces.

Kids of all ages will love this super sized fun sensory fidget mat. Akin to popping bubble wrap, this modern-day version offers the same satisfaction, which produces a calming effect which may help reduce stress and anxiety for many children. 


This 23 in jumbo bubble mat features over 400 colorful bubbles of varying sizes and thicknesses, to produce a variety of distinctive pop sounds when it is popped. Movement and tactile input is critical for enhanced learning in young children, and fidget toys can offer these positive benefits for children. Plus, they love them! Great gift idea for kids!

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Bubble Sensory Mat at Costco
New Fidget Toy at Costco – Super Sized Jumbo Silicone Bubble Sensory Mat at Costco from Ker-Pops

Why We Like It

Fidget toys are fun for both children and adults, and for those who have anxiety, sensory input needs or nervous energy, they can be a great outlet to get that out, helping to calm and regulate. Bring the in the car, airplane, to Grandma’s house or give it as a gift or use it in a classroom!

Kids of all ages from preschoolers to teenagers like the tactile bubbles and pop sounds which serve two different sensory experiences. It’s a bright colorful rainbow that breaks up into hree pieces – so it can be used as a set or paired together for one giant mat or it can be separated to be used by up to three children. 

The Ker-Pops sensory fidget bubble mat at Costco features escalating bubble sizes of various thicknesses which creates a range of sensory experiences both from the touch and the sound of the varying bubbles.

Ker-Pops Giant Fidget Sensory Pop-It Toy from Costco

Ker-Pops Super Jumbo Pop Mat Product Features

  • Made from food grade silicone
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Rainbow Colored
  • 3 Separate Pieces
  • Varying Bubble Sizes
  • Age of 3 +

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Super Sized Fidget Pop It Mat at Costco from Ker-Pops

Costco Item Number & Price

Ker-Pops Jumbo Bubble Sensory Mat is Costco Item Number 1631809 and costs $24.99 in-store. At the time of posting this bubble pop mat was not available online.

You can check to see if you can order the Ker-Pops Sensory Fidget Popper Mat from your local Same Day Costco (Instacart). You can expect to spend about $30 when purchased via the Same Day Costco Delivery Service.

Bubble Sensory Mat at Costco
Fidget Toys Will Be a Popular Gift Item for Kids for Christmas and Hanukkah 2022


Kids of all ages love the tactile bubbles and popping sounds of silicone bubble popping mats, which offers children two different sensory experiences. The map features 12 brilliant colors of the rainbow and the three piece set can be paired together for one giant mat or it can be separated to be used by up to three children. This mat offers a good value, and will be a great gift!

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