8 Best Costco Finds This Week to Add to Your Shopping List!

What To Buy At Costco This Week - Best New Items

The best part about a Costco run is all the fun finds! In a giant warehouse, the new items can be easy to miss, so we’re going to show you all the best Costco finds this week! Costco is always bringing in great new products for members to try…and bringing back fan favorites. Take a look before you head into the store, because you might want to add these 8 new Costco finds and member favorites to your Costco list…and if you found new products at your store that we missed, please drop them in the comments so we can look out for them!

Acai Roots

Acai Roots Smoothie Bowl Sorbet
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

This Acai Roots is a fan favorite fruit sorbet and it makes a super easy and scoopable shortcut for homemade acai bowls – just add a few healthy toppings like granola, fresh fruit, and chia seeds for a decadent breakfast or snack! Or toss some chocolate chips and whipped topping on for a yummy dessert. Either way, no blender required! It’s $12.99 in-store and makes up to 15 acai bowls.


Heavenly Hunks Minis

Heavenly Hunks at Costco - Gluten Free
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Heavenly Hunks are a long time Costco fan favorite item. We see these organic, gluten-free, dairy free treats in-store a few times a year…but this time they’re Heavenly Hunks Minis and they come individually packaged! Same delicious hunks you know and love, just miniaturized and packaged by the serving…perfect for school lunches, snacks on the go, or anytime! They cost $8.89 in store for a 16-count bag.

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Rip Van Wafels

rip van wafels costco
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Rip Van Wafels Minis are another Costco fan favorite item. With only 2g of sugar in each individually wrapped 2-pack of cookies, these Dutch caramel and vanilla treats are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth, especially for those who are still sticking to their New Year’s diet resolution. They’re also non-gmo, low glycemic, and did I mention they also taste really good? Kids will never know there are only 2g of sugar…so don’t tell! A 32-count bag costs $9.99 in-store at Costco…that’s about $0.31 per 2-pack!

Kirkland Signature Ham and Cheese Pastry

Ham and Cheese Croissant Pastry at Costco Bakery
Photo Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa.

Fan favorite ham and cheese croissants at Costco are back in the deli department (refrigerated cases near meat department) and Costco Members are going nuts! Just pop one of these in the oven or air fryer for a few minutes to warm it up and you’ll have flaky, gooey, ham and cheese goodness! They cost $8.99 for 4.

Alden’s Organic Fudge Bars

8 Best Costco Finds This Week to Add to Your Shopping List! - CostContessa
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Fudge bars are delish and need no explanation…but these Alden’s frozen fudgy treats are only 100 calories and they’re back at Costco right now! And to boot, they’re also organic, gluten free, non-GMO and Kosher. Treat yourself! You can grab a box of these Alden’s Organic Fudge Bars for $10.99 in-store for 18 bars.

Home and Body Soap Culture Hand Soaps

Home Body Hand Soaps at Costco - Soap Culture Bottle Set
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

New look! Another new 4-pack of Home and Body Hand Soaps has dropped at Costco! Every few months we see a new set of hand soap bottle designs available from this brand, and they are always gorgeous! These Soap Culture bottled hand soaps at Costco are cruelty free and enriched with coconut oil. You can snag a 4-pack at Costco for $11.99 right now.

Mightylicious Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

Oatmeal Coconut cookies at costco
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Grandma Arline’s Oatmeal Coconut Cookies from Mightylicious are brand new to Costco. They’re also gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, allergy friendly and Kosher. You can find these in the snack aisle at Costco for $9.89 for a 16 ounce bag.

Teton Waters Ranch Uncured Beef Junior Franks

Teton Water Ranch Uncured Beef Junior Franks at Costco
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Teton Waters Ranch is beloved by Costco Members! While the polish sausage is a staple in the specialty aisle, these mini franks only hit Costco a few times a year! 2.25 lbs will run you $16.99 in-store. They’re grass-fed, uncured, no nitrates added, gluten free, no added sugar, and would look great wrapped in a “blanket” on your Super Bowl snack spread! Just sayin’

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