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I bought this Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from and it’s fantastic! I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was pretty inexpensive, but it’s really a great farm house style barn wood colored stain, with raised black letters, and it’s quite large for the price. This bath rules farmhouse sign is really a great value for farmhouse bathroom decor! Costco for the win on this home decor item!

The framed home decor sign is traditional farmhouse colors black, cream and a barnwood stained wood frame. Several of the black words are raised 3-D lettering which adds a nice touch, and makes it look more expensive. It’s substantially sized, measuring in at 14″ by 20″ which is a good size for most bathrooms.

Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from - CostContessa
Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from Costco

It’s written in combination of playful fonts, perfect for kids bathrooms or powder rooms or casual bathroom spaces.

Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from - CostContessa
Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign with Raised Lettering from

Costco Item Number and Price

Bath Rules Wall Decor 14”X 20” is Costco Item #1576954 and costs $24.99 online at which includes free shipping and handling.

We have not yet seen this item in-store. See more new finds here!

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Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from Costco
Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from

Farmhouse Bathroom Etiquette Rules

  • Bathroom Rules
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Brush Your Teeth
  • Always Use the Soap
  • Change the Toilet Paper Roll
  • Put the Seat Down
  • Flush
  • Be Neat and Tidy
  • Hang Up Your Towel
  • Turn Off The Light

Hanging The Farmhouse Sign From Costco

This is probably our only gripe about this bathroom rules farmhouse sign from Costco…hanging it! The back of the bath rules farmhouse sign has two pieces of hanging hardware built in, one on either side…which means it needs two nails/screws in order to hang using the hardware as it comes.

For kids…this probably is a sturdier way to hang the sign in a kids bathroom. But in our opinion…it means we need to take out a level in order make sure our nails/screws are even and that’s just more effort than it’s worth. A simple, lightweight, inexpensive sign need only hang from a small wire or fishing line. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?


However, this is a very minor gripe. We still love the sign! A++ our book for this Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Sign from Costco!

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