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Update: Harry’s Creamy Basil & Tomato Soup at Costco is Back!

Tomato Soup at Costco

This vegetarian creamy tomato soup is a Costco fan favorite. The Harry’s organic creamy tomato basil soup at Costco is back is back again this year in-store now. It’s nearly fall and grilled cheese and tomato soup season coming soon! We’re reviewing Harry’s Creamy Basil Tomato Soup at Costco today, and hint: It’s good! It is also organic and vegetarian! Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup is a thick, rich, chunky tomato and basil soup with a great flavor and creaminess!

Costco Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup Review
Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato & Basil Soup at Costco


Update: 2022 Costco Item Number and Price

Harry’s organic tomato basil soup to pack of 30 Oz is Costco item number 585581 and costs $10.99. That is a dollar more than last year, and shakes out to $5.50 for each container.

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Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato Soup is Back at Costco in 2022!

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Our Review

Harry’s Creamy Tomato Basil Soup is a vegetarian, non-GMO and certified organic soup sold in the refrigerated specialty aisles at Costco. We think it has a great tomato flavor and the basil is delicious, and it’s the perfect amount. We’d wondered if it would be overtaken by the sweet basil, but it tasted really good and had just the right hint of fresh basil.

And bonus, the containers are BPA free! It’s easy to prepare, it’s just a heat and serve…so it’s a great quick lunch or dinner idea.

Note: It does have chunks of tomato, if you have picky kids you may strain them out before serving. We know the picky kid thing around here! There aren’t too many, but just in case 😉

Also Note: This Costco tomato soup is vegetarian, but NOT Vegan. It contains milk.

Looking for dairy free tomato soup? Here’s our recommendation

Costco Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup Review
Harry’s Organic Tomato Soup at Costco

Costco Tomato Soup Item Number & Price

Harry’s Organic Tomato Basil Soup (2) 30 ounce containers is Costco Item number 585581 and costs $9.99. That shakes out to about $1.40 per serving.

This product is sold in-store, and is not currently available at Costco.com.

Tomato Soup Costco
Tomato Soup Costco

Soup Heating Instructions

Harry’s Creamy Tomato & Basil Soup from Costco is fully cooked and can be warmed up in 2 ways:

  • Stove Top: Empty contents into a sauce pan, and simmer on low until soup reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir occasionally.
  • Microwave: Cut film on one side of tub to vent, and place on a microwave safe plate. Heat on high for 7-8 minutes until temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir halfway through. Let stand for 1 minute when done. Carefully remove from microwave and stir. Use caution when removing it’s HOT!
  • Our Way: Stir soup well and pour desired amount (8 oz or so for us) into a microwave safe bowl, and place on a plate. Microwave for 3 minutes or so until reaches 165 degrees. Remove carefully and enjoy!
Costco Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup Review
Tomato Soup Costco

Harry’s Creamy Basil Tomato Soup Nutritional Panel

Each serving of Harry’s Creamy Organic Tomato & Basil Soup from Costco has 200 calories, 5 grams of protein and 10% DV of Calcium and Potassium. Those on low sodium diets should make note of the sodium content.

Costco Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup Review
Harry’s Tomato Soup at Costco Nutritional Panel

Where to Find Tomato Soup at Costco

Harry’s Creamy Tomato Soup at Costco is found in the specialty refrigerated aisles, near Kevin’s Prepared Foods and Siete Paleo Tortillas.

About Harry’s Organic Foods

Products That Inspire Delicious Possibilities. From nourishing soups, broths, and sauces, to delicious sides and entrées — fresh, clean, artisanal food that you’ll be proud to serve.

Kettle Cuisine

Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup is made by Kettle Cuisine. More information on manufacturing practices, ingredients, certifications and more are available on the manufacturer’s website linked above.

Costco Tomato Soup FAQs

Does Costco sell tomato soup?

Tomato Soup at Costco

Yes, Costco carries Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup.

How much is tomato soup at Costco?

Costco Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup Review

Harry’s Organic Tomato Basil Soup (2) 30 ounce containers is Costco Item number 585581 and costs $9.99 or about $1.40 per serving.

Does Costco sell canned tomato soup?

No, Costco does not regularly stock canned tomato soup.

Is the basil and tomato soup at Costco gluten free?

No, it’s not gluten free. Harry’s Fresh Organic Creamy Basil & Tomato Soup sold at Costco contains whole wheat flour.

All opinions expressed on CostContessa are our own. Product features and nutrition information provided on our site is provided to us by third parties, and we do not independently verify its accuracy. Consumers should verify all information. Our content is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling or reading packaging yourself. Please always see actual package information yourself (it can and does change!) and consult your doctor with all questions.


  1. I have not been able to find Harry’s Tomato Basil Soup for months at Costco in Georgia. Have they stopped carrying it?

    1. My store doesn’t have it either – we have a refrigerated Chef Hak’s Tomato Soup instead. It has been at Costco for so many years I wonder if it will be back later in the season? I would be surprised to find it’s not available at all this year – but the short answer to your questions is it’s not available at Costco (currently). It was quite good, I do hope to see it back!

    1. Is it sealed? I’m someone who’s camp does it look okay? does it smell okay? does it taste okay? then it’s okay. But of course I can’t see it or smell it so I’m hesitant to say its okay…if the seal is broken then I would not, and return it.

  2. I bought this product around thanksgiving last year. I emptied the contents into a sauce pan and found a 1 1/2 triangular piece of plastic container lid in my soup. I contacted Costco and they refunded my purchase price and their representative told me to expect a call from the manufacturer. That was last December…and nothing. As far as I am concerned, a large piece of plastic is not organic and their word is not worth a thing. I still posses the intact container and the forgiven material found in the soup.

    1. Oh no! That’s terrible! I would have to agree that a large piece of plastic isn’t organic. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s helpful to hear all experiences…the good, and the bad! Thanks again 🙂

    1. I personally would freeze it without a second thought. I don’t have an official answer from the manufacturer…but my personal opinion would be that I suspect it will be just fine in the freezer. Let us know how it goes!

    2. Absolutely! I freeze all the time. It’s great.
      Suggestions for defrosting (if needed): I typically put on counter or in refrigerator to defrost (overnight or for several hours), but you can also defrost by putting container in hot (not boiling) water (& not on stove unless you empty contents into pot). To defrost more rapidly in microwave, remove lid & sealed plastic cover, put frozen soup (open top – or cover with paper towel to protect microwave from possible splatter), use ~60% power for ~5 minutes; stir; repeat. You may then increase power to 70 or 80, but for shorter times (± 90 seconds), repeating until desired temp is reached. These instructions vary depending on microwave’s age, power, & model. Just be careful to keep heat & time low enough so you’re heating soup (& not melting plastic!). Stirring contents between warming cycles helps! Enjoy.

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