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New Harry Potter Wet Brush Set at Costco for $17

wet brush set at costco

There are several new Wet Brush boxed gift sets now available in-store at Costco including a new Harry Potter themed set!! The three piece licensed Wet Brush set at Costco makes a great holiday gif and they are available in Hello Kitty and friends, Disney Princess Cinderella,  Disney Princess Belle, Keroppi frog, and of course, Harry Potter.  These Wet Brush gift sets at Costco are an unbeatable price, and make great holiday gifts for kids or character fans of all ages.

Why We Love Our Wet Brush Set at Costco

First and foremost, these brush sets work great on detangling hair more gently, and reducing breakage. They are truly better than the competition, and we enjoy using ours (we have a Mini Mouse Wet Brush Set from a prior year). If you have kids with tangles, this is $17 well spent!


Secondly, we love that it comes with a large and small brush. Whether you use the small one for on the go (keep in the beach bag, pool bag, gymnastics bag, or suitcase) or divvy them up in various bathrooms in the house, the second brush is a nice since for younger kids to use to learn to brush their own hair.

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Last – but certainly not least – the cost of these Wet Brush Bundle Gift Sets at Costco is SUPER! If you’re looking for a Wet Brush and don’t care about the licensed character, you can grab this brush for less. But we love the designs and two brushes works great for our house.

These make a great holiday gifts for kids who are fans of Harry Potter, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Hello Kitty or Keroppi Frog! It’s also a good gift for anyone headed to Disneyland or Disneyworld looking to surprise their kids with some licensed Disney merch before or during the trip – it’s very expensive there, so buy ahead! And Costco has a lot of great Disney merchandise at amazing prices!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Detangling Trio Gift Set at Costco
Harry Potter Hogwarts Detangling Trio Gift Set at Costco

Harry Potter Wet Brush Set

This licensed Wizarding World of Harry Potter wet brush set includes two brushes and a comb.The full size Original Detangler brush is metallic gold and features Hogwarts with shield symbols for Gryffindor, Slytherin Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.  This is a limited edition Wet Brush gift set and its colors  are  gender neutral.  It would make a great Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, or birthday gift for boys or for girls.

Disney Princess Cinderella 3-Piece Wet Brush Gift Bundle Set at Costco
Disney Princess Cinderella 3-Piece Gift Bundle Wet Brush Set at Costco

Disney Princess Cinderella Wet Brush Set

The limited edition Cinderella Wet Brush detangler and styling set features a blue Cinderella Original Detangler full size brush, a blue Cinderella mini brush, and a blue hair tie bow scrunchie. 

Wet Brush Gift Set Featuring Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast - 3-PIece Wet Brush Bundle - at Costco
Disney Beauty and the Beast Wet Brush Set Featuring Belle Now at Costco

Disney Princess Belle Wet Brush Set

The limited edition Belle Wet Brush detangler and styling set features a pink Original Detangler full size hairbrush with Belle, a mini on the go brush, and two barrettes. 

Keroppi Frog Wet Brush Gift Bundle at Costco - Featuring Goody Jelly Band Ponytailers - from Hello Kitty & Friends Sanrio
Sanrio Hello Kitty and Friends Keroppi Frog Wet Brush and Goody Bundled Gift Set at Costco

Keroppi Frog Wet Brush Set

The Limited Edition Keroppi Frog Gift Bundle at Costco includes a turquoise Original Detangler featuring Keroppi Frog, a mini on-the-go size detangling brush featuring Hello Kitty, and 5 dentless Jelly Band Ponytailers.

Classic Hello Kitty Wet Brush Gift Set Bundle at Costco 2022
Hello Kitty and Friends Classic Hello Kitty Head Gift Set of Wet Brushes at Costco

Hello Kitty and Friends Wet Brush Set

The Limited Edition Hello Kitty and Friends Wet Brush Gift Set includes a full size fuschia Original Detangler featuring classic Hello Kitty, as well as a coordinating travel size brush, and four scrunchies.

Costco Item Number & Price

Wet Brush and Goody Licensed Hair Brush Set 3-Piece is Costco Item Number 1632833 and costs $16.99 in-store.

Where to Find Wet Brush Sets In-Store

Find these licensed Wet Brush Gift Sets near beauty products and skincare items.

Wet Brush Sets Now In-Store at Costco for Holiday 2022 – Harry Potter, Disney Princess and Hello Kitty.

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Why Wet Brush?

Detangle: Exclusive IntelliFlex® bristles glide through tangles with ease, with over 45% less breakage

Sustainable: Body of brush is made of plant-based plastic. Comes in recyclable packaging.

Licensing: Choose from favorite iconic characters!

Read more about Wet Brush on the company’s website.

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Does Costco Have Wet Brushes

Harry Potter Wet Brush Set at Costco

Yes, Costco does carry 3-piece Wet Brush Bundled Sets in licensed Characters. Currently there are Harry Potter Hogwarts, Disney Princess Belle, Disney Princess Cinderella, Hello Kitty and Friends and Keroppi Frog. The characters change season to season.

How Much are Wet Brushes at Costco?

How Much Are Wet Brush Sets at Costco?

Costco carries 3-Piece Licensed Character Wet Brush Bundled Sets and in October of 2022, they cost $17 in-store.

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