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CostContessa helped to plan this casual boho Sunday brunch menu from Costco. We pulled from several of our favorite party hosting resources to put this Sunday brunch menu and low boho table event decor together including Costco, Ikea, Cost Plus World Market, TJ Maxx and the Original Downtown Los Angeles Flower Market. We prepared and served a greek brunch board, greek salad, bagels and lox, and of course dessert! We’ll show you how we pulled this fun relaxing day together in this DIY guide!

DIY Guide Boho Brunch Budget Menu and Decor | Complete Boho Budget Brunch Guide at CostContessa.com
DIY Guide Boho Brunch Budget Menu and Decor Using Costco, Ikea, Cost Plus & TJ Maxx

We wanted to keep it casual, somewhat healthy, under a reasonable budget but still stunningly gorgeous. We had 16 guests coming so we opted for a separate food table rather than placing the food about the table – but it’s definitely an option to skip the separate food table (which also saves space and money by not decorating a separate space!) and just scatter small serving platters on the table.

Sunday Brunch Casual Buffet with Bagels, Lox, Green Brunch Board and Desserts - Most of which we got at Costco! | Complete Boho Budget Brunch Guide at CostContessa.com

Brunch Menu

First stop for the boho Sunday brunch menu was Costco. We got almost all of the menu done at Costco. The Greek Brunch Board is entirely from Costco. The Bagels and Lox and accompaniments are largely from Costco. The large round serving boards they are served on are from Cost Plus World Market.

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Even real beginners can make these on trend “boards” just keep them simple. The biggest key for a newbie is plentiful quantity. Choose a board on which to build that’s small enough such that your able to make small “piles” of each item but fill the board. It’s ideal to have a variation in size, shape, or texture if you can. Cluster like items with like items, and organize as best you can so there’s variation – for example we didn’t put the hummus bowl next to the tzatziki bowl but instead put the food in between them. Small details (and nothing to stress over!).

Greek Brunch Board with Falafel, Chicken Skewers, Dolma, Tzatziki and Hummus - All from Costco | Complete Boho Budget Brunch Guide at CostContessa.com
Greek Brunch Board with Falafel, Chicken Skewers, Dolma, Tzatziki and Hummus – All from Costco

The bagels, tapenade, lox (pictured in first image above), nutella, cucumbers, tomato, lemon, and olives were all from Costco. The cream cheese is not from Costco – we decided to get whipped cream cheese already made in two flavors.

We were initially going to make the whipped cream cheese – it’s just a couple of tablespoons of milk whipped into regular cream cheese, but keeping it real about what needed to be done in the morning, and how much time and stress and clean up would be saved versus buying it ready to pop open we decided it just made sense to pop it open and be done.

Costco Brunch Bagel Board - Bagels, Cream Cheese, Honey, Tapenade, Jam, Nutella, Cucumber, Tomato, Lemon | Complete Boho Budget Brunch Guide at CostContessa.com
Costco Sunday Brunch Bagel Board

The desserts are from Gelson’s (a local Los Angeles grocery store) and the wood tiered dessert towers are from Cost Plus World Market.

Boho Sunday Dessert Tiered Racks - Gelson's Bakery tarts, macarons, cakes and custards on Cost Plus World Market Wood Tiered Dessert Stands | Complete Boho Budget Brunch Guide at CostContessa.com
Sunday Boho Brunch Desserts on Wood Tiered Risers


For the on trend boho garden party low dining table, we use altered Ikea tables. We cut the legs to lower the tables to the height we wanted. The lower height will serve as both a floor dining table for adults for future parties as well as double as toddler chair height for future kids parties – these were a new acquisition and we ALWAYS choose items that have multiple purposes! The more reusable, the better.

Environmentally Friendly Disposable Plates

With 16 guests, it we decided it was going to make sense to reduce some clean up and use disposable plates. We did choose real glassware and flatware as those are more easily able to load up in the dishwasher, but with all the serveware…the plates didn’t make the cut.

We used palm leaf environmentally friendly plates from amazon, not our first time choosing them. Not only do these have a nice earthy vibe (and let's be real, they look a 1000x better than a white paper white amiright?)  -  but they are compostable!
Sunday Brunch Using Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

We used palm leaf environmentally friendly plates from amazon, not our first time choosing them. Not only do these have a nice earthy vibe (and let’s be real, they look a 1000x better than a white paper white amiright?) – but they are compostable!

Depending on how many you buy, palm leaf plates will run you between $.50 and $1 each, and with 16 guests coming to the brunch, the cost of choosing a nicer disposable isn’t really material to the overall cost of brunch. Given how nice they look, hold up and that they are environmentally friendly, palm leaf plates are a trifecta hosting solution in the disposable plate category.

Place Settings

We own these items already, they are glass lunch plates from Ikea. We used the Natural Fiber Placemats from World Market like chargers. Cotton linen napkins tied with twine and florals. Each place setting was accented with a gift of larimar stone and purple heart amethyst.



The flowers are also all DIY, all purchased from The Original Los Angeles Flower Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Using a limited variety of flowers, dried flowers and green fillers in small scattered vases mixes up texture, size and scale. Smaller, lower arrangements are also better for enabling people to see over flowers and have conversations as well…as large arrangements can often block cross-table views..so there’s that too.

The vases are a collection we’ve accumulated over the years – many of ours are from World Market and Ikea – but they are from all various places. We strategically keep them neutral colors and pick and choose which ones we use based on the colors we want to use for any event. They lend themselves to many color schemes. Clear, amber, pink, red, mercury glass, gold, sea glass, etc. Once in a while for a specific event we’ll grab 3-4 unique colored ones just for that event, but we really prefer everything to be really neutral and reusable.

You’ll probably spot this set from Cost Plus, these from Cost Plus, these from Ikea, among others.

Boho Sunday Brunch Low Table Decor Guide, Scatter Pillows, P

Boho Decor

Scatter Pillows: The scatter pillows are assembled from a few places, mostly our local TJ Maxx and Ikea. Similar boho floor throw pillows for a low dining table from Cost Plus would be these. Ikea is a great resource for pillow inserts and Amazon is a good option for look alike pillow covers on a budget.

Rugs: There are 3 rugs layered under the tables- two basic beige rugs from Amazon (because we needed the rug length to be very long to accommodate 3 tables in order to seat 16) layered with a boho rug we already had – but similar boho vibe center rug would be this area rug from Costco (or this one or this one both also from Costco).

Faux Sheepskin Rugs: Between the scatter pillows are faux sheepskin rugs to add texture and extra padding/comfort. Ikea makes them for very inexpensive I’ve linked them here, the faux sheepskins pictured above are these from Cost Plus, which are notably nicer, but more expensive.

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