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1700 piece LEGO set at Costco for $55!

Lego Set at Costco

We found this 1700 piece classic LEGO set at Costco in-stock in the store for $55 which is a great deal! This LEGO set is recommended for ages 5+ and has tons of fun space themed bricks to build all kinds of fun summer STEM projects!


I love this set because it also includes an idea book so for kids used to following lengthy instructions to build really neat looking structures, they can still do that with this set, but it also leaves a lot more freedom to build whatever you like within the Space theme. Of course you could build anything you like, it just includes a number of accessories which enables children to build more space and science oriented structures.

Lego Set at Costco
Space Themed Lego Set at Costco

Historically we’ve seen a lot of Star Wars LEGO sets, so we’re excited to find this for all the Stars, Space, Galaxy Stem loving kiddos who aren’t into Star Wars per say.

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Costco Item Number & Price

Lego Classic 1700 piece set is Costco item number one 63179 to and cost $54.99 in store this set is a space themed set. This set is also available online at costco.com for $5 additional (covering shipping).

TIP: If you’re looking for a LEGO Set that comes inside a storage brick, see our suggestions below from Amazon.

New In-Store 1700 Piece LEGO Set at Costco! Summer Activities for Kids!

1700 Piece Lego Set at Costco Features:

  • 10 Space Themed Mini Build Ideas
  • 1,700 Total Pieces
  • Recommended Ages: 5+

Manufacturer’s Site

You get much more information about LEGO at the manufacturer’s site.

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Does Costco Sell LEGO Sets?

Lego Set at Costco

Yes. You will find this 1700 piece classic LEGO set at Costco right now both in-store and online. Look near the books to find LEGO sets off-season in Costco. During the holidays, Costco carries a variety of LEGO Sets for kids in the toy aisles.

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