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Disposable Latex Free Gloves at Costco

latex free gloves at costco

These Medline Clear-Touch Food Prep Poly Gloves are a super affordable option for disposable latex free gloves at Costco. These one-size fits most have a wide variety of uses beyond their intended food prep – they are great for any light duty household uses or activities that necessitates frequent glove changes.

You get two thousand gloves in the Costco pack – so they will last a LONG time for most people’s needs!

Medline Clear-Touch Food Prep Poly Gloves -

How We Use These – Our Review

We take field trips with our elementary school aged kids- both their schools and various activities groups do community service beach and park “clean ups” and these are great to take along for the kids to put on to keep their hands from touching the trash they pick up. Make no mistake – they are absolutely too big – but they are easy to get them on and off, super cheap, and for the very short period of time the kids are picking up (we’re talking third graders, walking in sand on a hot day – we’re realistically walking around for 20-30 minutes and they’re picking up a dozen pieces of beach trash) these are the perfect budget friendly solution.

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They’re a good option for when I need to change gloves quickly and frequently – for example to change a diapers on the go when there may not be a sink to wash hands, or when I want to go thrifting or to a flea market and may need to dig through some items that don’t appear clean I can tuck a few of these in my handbag – or if I want to cut up fresh oranges for kids to eat at a soccer game half-time, it’s just a little more sanitary to throw these on and much easier on my hands than using antibacterial which can be really drying…these are lightweight, cheap and disposable.

I recommend these gloves for their easy on and easy off and because we think they’re a very inexpensive choice for everyday frequent uses beyond commercial food prep.

Disposable latex free gloves available at Costco.com for under $.01 each
Latex-Free Gloves at Costco
Powder free, latex free disposable gloves at costco business center
Multi-Use One Size Fits Most Latex Free Gloves

The Medline clear-touch latex and powder free disposable industrial polyethylene glove is approved for food handling and offset cuff allows for easy donning. A perforated punch out on the top of each of the 4 boxes that keeps the gloves clean, and easy to access. They are powder, natural rubber and latex free.

TIP: these are NOT fitted or thick or meant for heavy duty jobs, medical/exam uses, handling any kind of chemicals or for extended use.

Product Features

  • Powder free
  • Latex free
  • Translucent
  • Approved for food handling
  • One size fits most
  • 2000 total gloves
    • 500 gloves per box
    • 4 boxes
  • Ideal for frequent glove changes
  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177
  • Made from polyethylene

Costco Item Number & Price

Clear-Touch Food Prep Poly Gloves, One Size, 2,000-count are Costco Item #1146270 and they are available in-store at Costco Business Center for $10.99 or online at Costco.com for $12.49. Either way, they shake out to less than a penny each.

latex free gloves at costco

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