Costco Travel Car Rental – Great Deals – Free 2nd Driver

Costco Travel Car Rental

Get the Best Deal on Rental Cars – Price Comparison!

Need to rent a car for your next vacation and considering a Costco Travel Car Rental as one of your options? We’ve got all the details on just how good of a deal it is, info, pricing and a cost comparison analysis for you about renting a car or SUV from Costco Travel versus Alamo.

Before we compare, we have to quickly note the added benefits of renting your car through Costco – because we want to make sure we’re comparing apples to apples.


Benefits of Booking Rental Cars through Costco Travel:

Besides the savings (which I’ll get to in a minute), Costco members get some extra perks like:

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  • Pay Later (No Advanced Payment)
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • One Additional Driver Free
  • Costco Executive Members 2% Cash Back

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This is the page on rental cars from the Spring 2021 Discover the Value of Costco Travel Flyer which is available in-store. There are lots of choices, but you need to know how much it costs to book Costco Travel rental cars, so let’s get to it!

Costco Travel Car Rental - Great Deals - Free 2nd Driver - CostContessa

Costco Travel Car Rental Vs. Booking Direct

Just for fun, I wanted to check the cost of renting a car in Orlando in April 1-7 from Alamo (the lowest price option on from Costco). The date chosen is random and arbitrary, but we’ll use that date in order to get both weekdays and weekends so we can really see how much savings there is by choosing Costco Travel for a rental car.

Car Rental Options From Costco Travel Include Alamo, Avis, Budget and Enterprise:

Costco Travel Car Rental Program Cost Comparison - Prices

Compare with a Direct Car Rental from Alamo

We found that both standard size and full size rentals directly from Alamo were the same price. Both cost approximately $45 more to book directly through Alamo versus reserving via the Costco Travel site for a “pay later” booking. They do not include an additional driver, which would be additional savings above the $45 or 2% cash back for Costco Executive Members, which would be approximately $11 back.

That said, there is an Alamo rental car club which offers 5% off rental rates for members, and free upgrades. This is compelling but neither comes close to the deal and benefits of Costco Travel car rental bookings, in my opinion.

Costco Travel Car Rental - Great Deals - Free 2nd Driver - CostContessa
Costco Travel Car Rental - Great Deals - Free 2nd Driver - CostContessa


Costco Car Rentals - Compare the cost and benefits of book car rentals on Costco Travel versus Direct.
Costco Travel Car Rental Price Comparison

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When you rent a car through Costco, you find all the options you need. Cars are rented through well known, reputable agencies including Alamo, Budget, Avis and Enterprise. You can find tons of classes and sizes including economy size, compact, standard size, intermediate, luxury cars, full size cars, convertibles, mini vans, small SUVs, Large SUVs, specialty, premium SUVs, full size vans, and more! Renting from Costco includes a free additional driver (no fees for the second driver), unlimited mileage, pay later, no cancellation fees, and for Costco Executive Members, 2% cash back on car rental fees.

Don’t forget all the other great things you beyond rental cars that you can book at Costco Travel! There are great destinations including Disney World, Caribbean, Hawaii, United States, Canada, Cruises, Mexico, beaches, mountains, lakes, skiing and tons more. You’ll find many travel options including hotel only, rental car only, airfare only or a combination of any of them including hotel, airfare, rental car and hotel credits all included! You can also find family oriented properties with kids clubs and waterparks, kid-free resorts for adult-only travel and everything in between. From budget friendly options to five star resorts to all inclusive…you’ll find tons of great vacation options for your hotel, rental car, and airfare on costcotravel.com.

Have you booked a Costco Travel car rental before? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments below! We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and tips! Check out all our posts on Costco Travel here!

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