Costco Recall on S&W Organic Black Beans

Costco Recall on Organic S&W Black Beans

On April 23, 2021, Costco sent a notification to purchasers of a recall of S&W Organic Black Beans, according to a Reddit User, Wisteria98122, who posted a screenshot of the email. See link below from Reddit to see the user’s post, with the screenshot email about the Costco Recall on S&W Organic Black Beans:

Costco Recall on S&W Organic Black Beans – Email Details also references the same S&W Organic Black Bean product recall, unfortunately the link that should take us to the recall information appears not to be working properly…but I wanted to share what I know in the event you have this product.


The following is based on the email in the Reddit post (as noted above we are trying to confirm with Costco but this is TBD):

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Here’s what we know about affected Organic S&W Black Beans product:

  • Purchased between February 19 and April 20, 2021
  • May have compromised hermetic seal, which could cause leak, bloat or cause bacteria (specific mention of clostridium botulinum)

Although the screenshot does not include instructions on what to do, it seems logical to trash them or return them for a refund would be what it likely says. I will add info here if I am able to confirm it with Costco, otherwise I suggest speaking with Customer Service at your local store or using the Chat feature on’s Customer Service page.

UPDATE: Costco has since corrected the recall link, and the updated Costco recall letter on S&W Organic Black Beans is here.

A copy of the letter is below. Use blue link above to download or print a copy for yourself.

Costco Recall on S&W Organic Black Beans - CostContessa
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